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The seminars of the New Earth Manifesto each deal with the various subject areas of the Manifesto. This is where like-minded people network and where answers are given. Here everyone can acquire the necessary knowledge in order to become the solution themselves and to participate specifically in the creation of our New Earth.

We are weaving our New Earth – in summer 2021 

Our 1st event ‘We are weaving our New Earth’ took place on 2nd-7th July 2021 at the enchanting Haggenberg Castle in Vienna’s Wine Quarter.

Our aim was to find answers to the essential questions of future ‘communities’, 

‘new money’, ‘new society’ and ‘fertile soil, the humus’.

Seeing and experiencing that there are already a lot of us who want the same thing for humanity and our earth, has really strengthened our thirst for action! 

We are so happy about the committed community that has emerged as a result, and which must now be further developed with all of our talents, gifts and abilities.

We cultivate life – humus event – autumn 2021

From 07.-10. October 2021 the humus event “we cultivate life” took place in the magnificent castle Püchau and the renaturation area of Zschepplin close to Leipzig.

For our New Earth and our own health we need a nuturing basis – a healthy and fertil soil – called “humus” FRANZ RÖSL and STEPHAN LEHMANN took us into the earth’s wisdom and made us aware of the fact that all answers for a perfect life are already understood in the soil’s life. Which means everything what we need for healing human, animals and the earth.

In these days we also spent time with practical workshops in the renaturation area of Zschepplin and we learned how everyone of us can support to cultivate humus, to compost, to sow according to nature processes and to plant and also to build compost toilets, so that all vital nutritions are returning to the circle of life.
So many new people have been connected, presented their projects to the others, connected their hands and feet to the earth, practiced yoga and meditation, manifested the new earth  and learned about tools to heal the earth.

This event was the starting point of our idea of “humus ambassadors”, who are asked to organize further humus events,. connect and inspire people in order to build up further the New Earth.

Growth camp online

From 24.-30 Januar 2022 the online event GROWTH CAMP takes places. This event celebrates the finalization of our Crowd-Funding for the LIVING EARTH web-platform. One week full of inspiration, ideas and wisdom – every day one of our wise council will give interviews, talks or workshops in order to commonly realize the New Earth. Let’s grow together.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

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If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

Let's show the world how many we are.