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With the LIVING EARTH platform we create a virtual landscape, on which we find and connect with each other. It helps us to develop common new earth projects, to support each other and to find and share solutions, how to make our earth to a place, on which we can live with full pleasure and appreciation of all life.

On the LIVINGEARTH platform you find people and projects, ideas and solutions of all areas of life and all countries. Together and with joy we create a new paradise on earth.

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Never before it has been that important, that you connect with like-minded persons in order to focus our human potential and creator-being TOGETHER on that, how we really want to live.

LIVING EARTH offers us all opportunities to do so.

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Here you find the crowdfunding trailer in other languages, so that you can share it with friends around the world.

LIVING EARTH Crowdfunding Trailer deutsch/german

LIVING EARTH Crowdfunding Trailer francais

LIVING EARTH Crowdfunding Trailer deutsch + english + francais

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