How can you get involved?

1. Read through the manifest carefully and mindfully

Just by reading the manifesto attentively and compassionately

– and especially when you create the images in detail inside of you – see, smell, hear them – and these inner images with your feelings of joy, of gratitude 

– reinforced as the LOVE THAT YOU ARE – you “work” in the morphogenetic field,

already actively manifesting and writing history.

If you like, play beautiful and uplifting music in the background. Catharina, for example, listened to the following film music while writing the manifesto: „Wonderful Movie Soundtracks“.

By entering the New World described in this manifesto with all your senses and your full attention, you become, so to speak, a magnet that draws this new reality into existence.

2.Find your own individual vocation

During our lives, in our schools, most of us have not learned to listen to the voice of our heart.

We do not know which life tasks inspire us, which talents and gifts make us who we are.

Just by reading this manifesto, delightful images will emerge within you that will touch your heart. You will feel what you want to stand up for. 

You will realize how unique you are, and that it is precisely you with your abilities, gifts and talents who can make the earth even more beautiful.

3. Concrete action

What you can definitely do right away is find out where your nearest organic farmers are at home. 

Contact them, shop with them, and discuss how you can support each other.

Get to know your neighbours, meet with like-minded people and develop ideas together for projects that serve the well-being of all life.

Or join one of the many, many projects that are already actively working towards the New Earth.

4. Share the manifesto

SHARE THIS MANIFESTO with as many people as possible!

May millions of people here show that they want a New Earth and are also prepared to implement changes in practice.

We THANK YOU for being here.

If you haven’t already, please enter your name in the form below.

5. Support our work

You can support our work – see below the part “What are the next steps?”


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Become humus ambassador
and organize a networking event

If you feel that you would like to bring people together, so that they can form a network uniting their individual potentials and implement very concrete projects, then we would suggest that you dive deeper into the topic of humus, learn from it and organize a HUMUS EVENT in your area. 

Together with the humus specialist Franz Rösl, we have put together a lecture, which you can easily prepare and give as a lecturer.

You can download the lecture right here:
(Note: the actual lecture is german – you will soon find it translated into English!)

HUMUS EVENTS have been successfully implemented many times already and with great pleasure. Many seeds have already been planted, watered and made to grow in communities for very specific projects.

The humus, the fertile soil is the basis of all life. Within a handful of humus there are more living beings than humans on earth. The humus is a perfectly organized system, in which all living beings work together to create the perfect balance, in which all can give and take equally.

At a HUMUS EVENT we learn how to become a fertile human humus – how to be able to form “symbioses”, to find the right “milieu” for our projects and to work together in the diversity of our individual potentials, so that we can grow together to unimagined heights.

We discover that there are so many of us who carry within us a joint longing for a healthy New Earth. We get to know the beautiful vision shown in the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO. We get to know each other, perhaps for the first time we learn about the potential of our neighbours and fellow human beings. We hear about their projects and visions, and can connect with them there and then to get to work and begin to create the New Earth.

Touch the hearts of all those who are ready to take action together now to serve all life, and to organize a HUMUS EVENT

Here comes soon a suggestion on how a HUMUS EVENT could look like: 
How to organize a HUMUS EVENT (coming soon)

Here you will also find suggestions and questions to discuss at these networking events themselves and at follow-up meetings, so that you can get to know each other and your individual potentials even better.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

Let's show the world how many we are.


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Bank Austria
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0383 9742

please add “manifest” to your donation.

The fairy tale

With the help of this fairy tale, learn why we humans have forgotten who we really are – and how we can remember it again:

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the fairy tale of the adventurous journey

The manifestation

Join many, many people around the world who connect daily at 21:00 to visualize the New Earth together and thus manifest it:

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the fairy of the adventurous journey

Let us show the world that we are many.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.