The foundation of life on earth is fertile soil – “humus”.

Why we need change
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In the last 70 years, 50% of the humus – the fertile layer of our earth – has been destroyed.

The fields, poisoned with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers, will, according to scientists’ warnings, no longer be able to produce harvests in 60 years’ time.
Our fields and soils have been polluted for centuries by aluminum, heavy metals (i.e., due to geoengineering), microplastics as well as pharmaceutical, private and industrial waste. These toxins also destroy the microorganisms in the soil, meaning that the plants hardly absorb nutrients anymore, which in turn means that even we humans – compared to 50 years ago – only consume a small fraction of these vital nutrients with our plant food.

Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere are often considered a trigger, but really are only a symptom of climate change.
The causes lie in the destruction of our living environment, most especially in the destruction of forests and our humus.
Humus consists of plant residue, fungi, microorganisms and many small organisms such as worms and spiders, most of which consist of carbon.
When this ecosystem is destroyed (50% already is), its carbon goes into the atmosphere as CO2, which is largely responsible for the increase in CO2 ​​there.

The destruction of the soil (soil degradation) has the following causes:
* Intensive use of inorganic fertilizers, pollution with industrial and urban waste (see above), air pollution, contaminated sites.
* Destruction of vegetation cover through deforestation, slash-and-burn or overgrazing.
* Mismanagement: cultivation of monocultures, insufficient supply of
organic fertilizers, excessive agriculture on slopes, intensive irrigation with poor quality water. Insufficient drainage of arable land leads to soil salinization.
* Destruction of soil structure: soil compaction by machines (even a
single trip of a harvester destroys the forest floor massively and for many decades), large populations of livestock or people (trails), removal of soil.

Soil degradation is a global problem.
As early as 1997, 15% of the ice-free land surface showed anthropogenic degradation phenomena (an area larger than the USA and Mexico combined), one percent of which had already been destroyed to such an extent that
the soil could no longer be reclaimed. Today we lose around 24 billion metric tons of surface soil every year.” Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodendegradation
“Due to environmental damage in the atmosphere, air, water and earth,
natural cycles are so affected that they would only degrade more without human help. Through intensive
composting techniques, for example, we are not only able to stop this downward spiral, but even turn it into an upward spiral. A positive
future development is only possible if the Earth now
receives our intensive care and support.”
(Uwe Burka)

While the Earth herself would take several thousand years to rebuild the humus, humans can do this with composting techniques and Terra Preta in just 10-20 years!

The priority is therefore to detoxify our soils and to build up humus on a private and agricultural level, using composting techniques and worm cultures. For this purpose, composting and humus building seminars are organized by the municipalities / cities.

In our fields, meadows and beds, toxic sprays and fertilizers are being replaced by Terra Preta, Effective Microorganisms and other biological organic fertilizers that support the formation of natural humus.

“Sealed” land areas that are no longer required, such as industrial sites or large parking lots, are being reclaimed and made available to the community in order to create community gardens or healing forests with edible fruits.

On large agricultural areas, hedges are planted with flowers, fruit and nut trees, chestnuts etc. to feed the insects – especially the bees – as well as people, to guide the winds and provide niches for birds and other animals. The chirping of birds and the hum of insects accompany the harmonious growth of the plants.

Only sustainable and organic farms are funded

Why we need change
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Small and medium-sized farms are struggling to survive,
as sales prices of their products are dictated by large corporations and the subsidy policies of the EU and most other countries favor large companies and corporations. 
Today, hardly any farmers in Central Europe can live from their farm work without a sideline.
Large industrial companies, on the other hand, are mostly geared toward return and profit instead of the well-being of all life.
Their huge machines compress the soil in a dramatic way. The use of GMOs – genetically modified organisms – and toxic
sprays and fertilizers destroys fertile humus and contributes massively to the suffering of animals in factory farming. “Absurd” legislation often contributes to the fact that animals are exposed to painful and long transport routes until they are slaughtered. The meat of these animals is then in turn transported – in an environmentally harmful way – to third countries in order to be packaged. Rainforest is cut down on a massive scale in order to feed European animals in factory farming.
People who have never set foot on farmland, never seen a bird circling above a field, never seen an earthworm crawl through humus, have the power to determine which poisons are applied to these fields and what should be grown there, etc.

Biodynamic, organic and permaculture farmers of small and medium-sized farms determine agricultural policy.
All other farms receive free retraining in sustainable and organic agriculture and regional distribution.
New forms of highly efficient vegetable, berry and fruit cultivation, such as aquaponics or “vertical gardening”, are also taught.

Products still produced conventionally as well as their toxic ingredients must be labeled. In the transition phase, non-biological products are subject to a toxin and pollutant tax.

The money gained through this toxin tax flows directly into the conversion of farms to organic farming.

The community supports independent and non-profit seed initiatives and seed swap circles to preserve and expand the diversity of our food and medicinal plants.
There must be no patents on seeds and other living beings!

Purification of all waters

Why we need change
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The waters in many parts of the world are heavily polluted. In 2007, 247 external pollutants and endocrine disruptors were found in a person’s urine in Brazil, including a hormone from a birth control pill that hadn’t been around for ten years. Our waters are fluorinated, contain environmental toxins and other serious pollutants that are harmful to our health and ecosystems.

“A current estimate of the global input of plastic waste into the ocean is 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons per year. That is the equivalent to a truck load per minute. Only a small part of plastic waste floats on the surface, the rest is carried along into deeper waters or sinks down to the seabed and can hardly be retrieved. It is currently estimated that around 80 million metric tons have accumulated there.

Approximately 800 animal species that live in the sea or in coastal areas are affected by plastic waste. Almost half of the marine mammal and seabird species are affected. Sea turtles, for example, easily mistake plastic bags for jellyfish which they normally feed on, and perish as a result.

By 2050, plastic parts will likely be found in the stomach of almost all seabirds if garbage continues to be washed into the sea in many places. Birds with plastic in their stomach can starve to death because it makes them feel satiated.

Equally, habitats, such as coral reefs, are affected by deposits of plastic waste. Coral reefs are damaged by floating plastic waste which also deposits harmful pathogens into the reef. In addition, between 57,000 and 135,000 whales, seals and harbor seals get caught in “fishing waste” – i.e., lost and discarded ropes and nets – every year.

Many plastics contain substances that are harmful to the environment and our health, such as flame retardants or plasticizers, some of which are released into the sea. These pollutants are then absorbed by marine animals and sea birds as plastic parts are swallowed. ”
https://www.wwf.de/themen-projekte/meere-kuesten/plastik/unsere-ozeane-versinken-in-plastikmuell/plastikmuell-im -meer-the-most-important-answers

In the future, dynamic, healthy and clean water will flow from all water pipes. Rivers and streams are being renatured as far as this is possible and ecologically worthwhile.

Groundwater and rainwater is kept in the region. New, highly efficient methods such as rainwater collection reservoirs, swales, drip irrigation, agroforestry or agrophotovoltaics are used for irrigation in agriculture.

Where necessary, wastewater treatment plants are renewed using the best natural methods. Wastewater is cleaned by plants and composting techniques (bacteria) before it flows back into the water cycle. Wherever possible, modern, water-saving and humus-building composting toilets are installed.

Large marine areas are placed under protection. Regional fisheries that respect marine life replace large-scale industrial fishing and trawling. Marine cleanup and regeneration projects receive generous and active support from community and government.

1d.) Purification of the air we breathe

Why we need change
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Air pollution is the term used to describe the release of pollutants that are harmful to the environment and to health into the air. These pollutants include, for example, smoke, soot, dust, exhaust gases, aerosols, vapors and odorous substances. Air pollution is a form of environmental pollution. It is the leading environmental cause of illness and premature death and affects everyone, from the fetus in the womb to the elderly. Air pollution can affect almost all organs and systems in the body and is a major cause of pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma in children.

According to a report by Greenpeace, 160,000 people died prematurely in 2020 in 5 of the largest cities on earth alone – New Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Mexico City – due to the influence of harmful particulate matter.

The use of exhaust gases and toxic spray mist containing aluminum, metal and / or other toxins is strictly prohibited. The emission of fine dust and air pollution of any kind is reduced to an absolute minimum.


60% of all forests – the “lungs of our earth” and producers of pure oxygen – are placed under nature protection

Why we need change
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Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere are often considered a trigger, but really are only a symptom of climate change.
The causes lie in the destruction of our living environment, most especially in the destruction of forests and our humus.
Humus consists of plant residue, fungi, microorganisms and many small organisms such as worms and spiders, most of which consist of carbon.
When this ecosystem is destroyed (50% already is), its carbon goes into the atmosphere as CO2, which is largely responsible for the increase in CO2 ​​there. (see Chapter 1a.)

“Our tropical forests are brutally cleared for intensive agriculture, for the creation of pasture and fodder areas for cattle, the production of palm oil or the extraction of precious wood or mineral resources. The numbers are frightening: in fifty years almost a fifth of the Amazon forest has been cut down, the deforested areas increased by 278% in 2019 alone, i.e., 7536 km2, which is five times the size of the city of Sao Paulo or 1 million soccer fields. With the disappearance of tropical forests, the “CO2 storage” power of this fundamental ecosystem declines (it was halved between 1990 and 2015), biodiversity collapses and the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples, our precious guardians of the earth, is threatened.”

Source: https://www.careelite.de/abholzung-der-waelder-regenwald/

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The destruction of ecosystems is considered a crime against life and punished.
Areas that have been deforested in recent centuries are reforested under the guidance of future-oriented foresters like Erwin Thoma (A), Peter Wohlleben (D) or Ernst Zurich (CH), who think and feel holistically and have a global vision for forest ecosystems.

Holistic forest management courses are offered to foresters, forest owners and all interested persons

Renaturation of all food

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The processed foods we eat today have up to 90% fewer minerals and vitamins than they had 50 years ago, due to the chemically produced pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers that poison the soil and kill microorganisms in the process.
In addition to a mineral and vitamin deficiency and the toxic load in raw materials (including toxins found in the soil, or antibiotics and pharmaceuticals used in factory farming), there are numerous toxic additives in today’s processed food (for example exogenous hormones, chemicals or even cells from aborted human fetuses!…) affecting our bodies.
Denatured food not only leads to a variety of diseases, but also has a detrimental effect on our daily well-being.
Chemically produced fragrances manipulate our perception.
Unnatural chemicals and heavy metals in our bodies lead to calcification and disruption of the pineal gland, which in turn is not only responsible for a healthy circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), but also for our intuition and clear thinking.

Over the past few decades, our farmers have been made dependent on multinational corporations with their hybrid seed monopolies, genetically modified seeds and toxic sprays and fertilizers.
The consequences of artificial genetic changes in living beings for the human organism and the entire ecosystem cannot be foreseen.

Artificial additives of any kind are only used if a panel of doctors, biologists and alternative practitioners from various fields has determined their harmlessness. Sugar, refined fats and denatured foods, which in recent decades have led, to an unnatural increase in allergies, obesity and diet-related diseases, are being replaced by wholesome and natural foods.

The cultivation of wild herb meadows and ancient crops with greater nutrient richness and resistance to agricultural disasters (floods, drought, epidemic plagues) is promoted.
Genetically modified seeds are no longer used.
Farmers and gardeners are regaining their autonomy in terms of access, reproduction and exchange of seeds.

Environmentally friendly and pollutant-free production

Why we need change
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All industrial manufacturing processes – be it in the textile, paper, steel, toy, automobile, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and other industries – are very energy-intensive and produce a large amount of contaminants and waste that more often than not end up in our air, our waters, our soilmeadows, forests and fields through exhaust gases, evaporation, seepage, sewage, improper disposal of products or unnecessary and excessive packaging. These pollutants then find their way into our bodies through clothing, food or toxic furniture components as well as cleaning agents in our homes.

Scientists work hand in hand with manufacturing companies to increase ecological efficiency in production and to manufacture components that cannot be produced from purely natural raw materials in such a way that the means used are ethical and environmentally friendly and the components are as recyclable as possible. Nature’s brilliant solutions serve as an inspiring model (biomimicry).

The majority of textiles are made from natural and renewable raw materials. Hemp and linen cultivation as well as the cultivation of other ecologically valuable crops enjoy great popularity.

Artificial materials are recycled, repaired and turned into new materials.
The ecological footprint is declared on the labels of all products, in particular with regard to what the materials are made of, how fairly they were produced and how efficient their expected life cycle is.

In the transition phase, high taxation of fossil and geological raw materials will quickly advance the development of energy efficiency, longevity and the recyclability of all products (see point 6b).

Every living being is treated with respect and mindfulness

Why we need change
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An exceptionally high percentage of meat, eggs and other products of “animal origin” are “produced” in factory farms under torturous and undeserving circumstances. The fact that animals are sentient beings is often forgotten. In “turbo farming” they are neither able to live in their natural habitat nor pursue their natural instincts. Factory farming is extremely problematic in many respects:

* Animals coexist in a very confined space – mostly without freedom of movement

* Most farms only have light with unnatural light frequencies,
which greatly impacts the biological rhythm of the animals and thus their health and well-being
* Calves are separated from their mothers immediately after birth
*Animals are mistreated: cattle are dehorned, beaks are shortened, tails cut off, male chicks are shredded and fed to female chicks
* Animals very often suffer brutal torture during their upbringing, during transportation and in slaughterhouses

* Animals are mostly fed denatured food which is not appropriate for their digestive systems, growth hormones promote rapid growth, yet lead to a faster degeneration of the body
* Animals are overbred
* In hot countries – for example in Australia – livestock often have no shelter and suffer from burns

Massive environmental problems result from factory farming:

Deforestation of the rainforest, toxins in forage fields, long transport routes for animal feed and meat, CO2 and methane emissions from feces, antibiotics and other chemicals within the food cycle, water shortage, overgrazing, etc.

A few facts and figures on factory farming:
In order to gain an understanding of the scope of the problem, statistics on factory farming are of immense importance. Here are some relevant facts:

  • In Germanyalone, around 745 million animals live and die in factory farming every year.
  • 356 million kilograms of meat are thrown away in Germany every year which means that:
    45 million chickens, 4 million pigs and 200,000 cattle die for no reason.
  • 15,415 liters of waterare needed for the production of one kilogram of beef.
  • 733 metric tons of antibioticswere used in factory farming in Germany alone in 2017.
  • About 8 percent of arable landin Germany is used for growing livestock feed, in comparison to only 21 percent for direct food production.
  • Worldwide, 2.6 million hectares of land are cultivated every year and almost 48 million metric tons of greenhouse gases are then emitted by throwing the produce away.
  • The German Confederation found antibiotic-resistant germson 88 percent of turkey meat samples bought at discounters.

More information on the subject of “factory farming”
Source: https://www.careelite.de/massentierhaltung/

“As long as there are slaughterhouses there
will be battlefields.”
(Leo Tolstoy)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Any form of cruelty to animals, cage or factory farming is considered a crime against life and punished. Laboratory experiments with animals and animal transports for consumption are a thing of the past.

Every animal that is not allowed to live in freedom because it contributes to the production of milk or other animal products, is provided with a large enclosure in nature together with its own kind, as well as objects to play with.
These animals live with people who have a caring and harmonious relationship with them. They are exclusively fed with natural food. Cows are allowed to keep their horns.
Only essential medication is given and only ever at each animal owner’s discretion.

Animals (such as bulls from dairy farms, the cockerels from the egg production or overmany wild animals) are killed in their natural and familiar environment with as little suffering as possible and are perceived and honored as sentient beings.
Beforehand, the cows and bulls have a beautiful life in the great outdoors “supporting” the stabilization and rebuilding of the humus.

The shooting of animals to protect the forest and the culling of sick animals is only carried out by people with a hunting license specific to animal welfare-oriented training.

We advocate the switch to a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

1i.) Our “hospitals” are being transformed into holistic “healing spaces”

Why we need change
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Modern medicine wages a “war against disease”, it attempts to “defeat” disease instead of looking at root causes in order to achieve holistic long-term healing. The mechanistic approach in science today reduces humans to a “machine” that can be repaired. Instead of supporting the immune system and promoting self-healing through a holistic approach (holistic lifestyle, positive alignment of the mind, shadow work, considering relationships and emotions, etc.), people isolate themselves and rely on an excess of pharmaceuticals and treatment carried out by machines.

The second leading cause of death in the United States is related
to pharmaceuticals and their “cocktail effects”.

A new concept of healing and the construction of correlating holistic spaces are developed and implemented in conjunction with the knowledge and experience of medical doctors, alternative practitioners, energeticists, nutritionists, physiologists, biologists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, geomancers, Feng Shui specialists, etc.

To begin with, current hospitals and intensive care units are restructured to be more conducive to healing, with plants, therapy animals, natural aromas, natural light frequencies, images of plants and nature.

The new healing centers are surrounded by healing forests with special forest therapy paths based on the model of the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku with mindfulness paths, streams and bodies of water. Animals and plants are therapeutic helpers.

Special farms connected to the healing centers offer therapy solutions for drug addicts, for example, or other people prone to addiction (including digital detox therapies) and provide healthy organic food grown onsite for the healing centers.

Within the concept of healing, the following principles are acknowledged:

  1. 1. Humans are very highly developed spiritual beings that are not just physical bodies. They are multidimensional beings with several “etheric bodies” (including the physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy body, causal body)
    that are interconnected and interact with one another.
    Human beings are a part of the earth’s ecosystem, a living organism, connected on all levels.
    3. The 5 Biological Laws of Nature.
    4. All living beings have an excellent immune system and self-healing powers the support of which must be primary and include all levels in order to prevent and heal diseases.
    5. Every illness has a message. From now on, medicine no longer focuses on the symptoms, but on identifying the cause and preventing the disease.

In the new healing centers, holistic therapy methods are applied according to people´s individual needs.
Healing methods that have supported healing through the power of nature and the spirit for centuries (such as homeopathy, TCM or anthroposophical medicine), as well as “new”, well-tested and already successfully applied healing methods based on quantum / frequency / energy and information are fully recognized, applied and taught.

Natural, locally grown and produced remedies are preferred, as these have hardly any side effects, compared to the products of the pharmaceutical industry, are better assimilated by the human organism and also benefit local producers.

The doctors speak openly and, without being asked, provide information on the side effects of any drugs they prescribe in a clear and transparent way.

The birth of humans, and animals, is respected as a Sacred Ritual

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In America and Europe, around 30% of children are no longer born naturally, but by medically unnecessary C-sections, resulting in unpleasant psychological and physical consequences for both mother and child.

In addition, the baby is forcibly taken from the security of its mother’s womb and arrives in a mostly cold, technical, neon-lit world, with its umbilical cord immediately cut, being torn from the mother and its natural protection washed away.

Our entire society is shaped by this first collective trauma.

Since the 1950’s, advertising for infant formula has been massively ramped up, claiming that it is equivalent to breast milk.
“Science and health care systems are totally unanimous in assessing that breastfeeding is of irreplaceable value for infants, not least because of its adequate and individualized supply of nutrients and a reduction in the risk of infectious respiratory and diarrheal diseases. Additionally, breastfeeding also has important long-term effects, as breastfed children are significantly less likely to suffer from being overweight and obese as well as developing better cognitive capabilities later on.”

Women are given free access to prenatal classes developed by experienced, holistically thinking and feeling midwives and doulas (obstetricians).
Birth centers and home births are equally supported. Women decide for themselves how and where they give birth. Natural births are encouraged and invasive interventions are avoided wherever possible.

Every child is accompanied into the world in a dignified, loving, gentle and attentive manner.

In order to strengthen the bond of love between mother and child, the baby is nurtured with a feeling of security and love from the very beginning and supplied with the best nutrients of natural breast milk. Women are optimally supported in breastfeeding their babies.

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.
Rudolf Steiner

1k.) “By losing the fear of death – and recognizing ourselves as an infinite and immortal being – we’ll also lose the fear of living”

Why we need change
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Death is one of the great taboo topics in our society and is mainly associated with fear, destruction, darkness and drama.
To this day, most branches of science teach us that our existence ends with death. As a result, those who believe this often act without thinking about the consequences of their actions in life.
The very basis of every fear – such as the fear of illness or terror – leads back to a fear of our own finitude, death, through which we humans can also be very easily manipulated.
Fear creates stress in our body system and makes us sick. It also makes us susceptible to manipulation and hierarchical control mechanisms that promise us protection.

Together with death counselors of all religions, courses are created that enable people to learn to grieve freely and develop a dignified approach to the subject of “death” free from fear.

Relatives are allowed to keep the body of their loved one laid out at home or in a sacred room for a few days, so that the soul can slowly and gently detach itself from the body and relatives have enough time to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Coffins, their contents and urns must be compostable without leaving any traces.
Taking into account the values ​​of different cultures and religions, cremation is preferable for groundwater hygiene reasons.
Relatives are free to decide where they would like to scatter the ashes according to the wishes of the deceased.
“Forest burials” are also increasingly popular.

Technical progress serves life, and not the other way around

Why we need change
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In order to stay healthy, every living being needs to be in contact with the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth and the cosmos. Artificially generated electromagnetic fields with unnatural pulse frequencies – such as wireless telecommunication technologies (including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), smart meters, microwaves, RFID technology, radar, consciousness-controlling technologies (including HAARP), etc. disturb the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies severely.
5G uses frequencies in microwave spectrum, originally developed as weapons by secret services.
More and more people are suffering from symptoms of electro-sensibility or electro-sensitivity.
It is not just humans who suffer from these unnatural frequencies, but animals and especially trees too, which as a result often struggle to transport enough water into their crowns and die.

The following websites provide further information on these topics: https://www.frequencia.ch/www.5gunplugged.com

Any form of artificially applied technology to influence living organisms or the entire earth, such as wireless telecommunication technologies without safety assessment (especially 5G), artificial intelligence (AI), microchips (RFID, digital ID), IoT (Internet of Things), smart meters, video surveillance systems, consciousness-controlling technologies (e.g. HAARP), artificial weather manipulation (geoengineering) will be shut down and dismantled!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is only used where it is beneficial to life. Under no circumstances is it used for the surveillance and control of people.

“We acknowledge that all living beings on earth are inextricably linked with the natural terrestrial and cosmic electromagnetic fields and that we can only truly recover or stay in healthy balance if we are in undisturbed resonance with the cycles
and frequencies of the earth and the cosmos.”


Research into and the immediate implementation of telecommunication technologies that are harmless to humans, animals and plants have the highest priority.

As long as healing frequencies are not available for use, computers are connected to the Internet via (fiber optic) cables.
Once buildings are wired, the need for wireless communication decreases and the radiation output of oversized outdoor antennas can be reduced.
Well-researched healing frequencies that have been subject to long-term testing will be used for regeneration in the future.

In every country, there are radiation-free areas in which sick and radiation-sensitive people can settle or recover.

Light frequencies that serve the human immune system

Why we need change
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LEDs, halogen and infrared light influence the pineal gland – our third eye – with their unnatural frequencies of light. As a mediator between worlds (visible and invisible) this gland also has a significant impact on our sleep, our health and our overall well-being through the production of serotonin and melatonin.



In future, there will only be light sources that are harmless to all living beings and that do not pollute the environment during production, usage or recycling.

To avoid light pollution, all external, unnatural light sources are reduced by at least 40 percent at night and street lights are prevented from shining up into the night sky.

Beaches where animals lay their eggs are no longer artificially lit so that newly hatched baby animals are undisturbed in their natural behavior.

1n.) The “health” of space is essential for our life. The sky, as an integral part of all life, must be protected.

Why we need change
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Satellites or other technical devices disrupt the natural cosmic frequencies that make a healthy life on earth possible.
Meanwhile, a huge amount of “space debris” orbits the earth. The larger ones can hit the surface of the earth and kill living beings in the process.

Satellites or other technical devices which disrupt the natural cosmic frequencies that enable healthy life on earth will be dismantled with immediate effect.
As part of future activities, the return of space debris to Earth must be considered.

13-moon calendar

Why we need change
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Our current annual calendar removes us from our natural
cycles. The current Gregorian calendar does not correspond to the natural cycles of 13 lunar cycles per year that we should embrace in order to return to harmony with the cosmic order.

As soon as we humans are more familiar with the natural cycles of the earth and the cosmos, we will very likely decide together on a 13-moon calendar that is in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth.

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