The foundation of life on Earth is fertile soil – “humus”.

While the Earth itself would take several thousand years to rebuild the humus,
humans can do this with special soil management and composting in only 10-20 years!

The priority is therefore to detoxify our soils, build up humus and improve the soil health on a private, agricultural and forestry level. For this purpose, composting, farm manure processing and humus building seminars are offered.

In our fields, meadows and beds, toxic sprays and fertilizers are replaced by high-quality composts, life-promoting microorganisms, fermented vegetable-carbon- substrate in the style of Terra Preta and other biological-organic fertilizers, which, together with species-rich plant communities and special crop rotations, promote numerous symbioses in the soil and thus the natural formation of humus.

“Sealed” land areas that are no longer required, such as industrial sites or large parking lots, are being reclaimed and made available to the community in order to create community gardens or healing forests with edible fruits.

On large agricultural areas, hedges are planted with flowers, fruit and nut trees, sweet chestnuts etc. are planted to feed insects – especially bees – but also people, to direct the winds and to provide living niches for birds and other animals.
A variety of plants grow in the fields and gardens, supporting each other’s growth and vitality. The chirping of birds, the buzzing of insects and the songs of people encourage and accompany the harmonious growth of plants.

Only organic farms are promoted, that sustainably improve the health of soil, plants, animals and people, as well as biodiversity

Farmers from medium-sized or small organic farms determine the agricultural policy.
All other farmers receive free retraining in sustainable and organic land management systems that improve soil health as the basis for the health of all life.
Farmers are supported to market their products regionally.
The courses also teach new forms of highly efficient vegetable, berry and fruit cultivation, such as “permaculture”, “agroforestry”, “syntropic agriculture” or “vertical gardening”.

Products still produced conventionally as well as their toxic ingredients must be labeled.

The community supports independent and non-profit seed initiatives and seed swap circles to preserve and expand the diversity of our food and medicinal plants.
There are no patents on seeds and other living beings!

Purification and revitalization of all waters

In the future, dynamic, vital, healthy and clean water will flow from all water pipes. Rivers, streams and wetlands are being renatured as far as this is possible and ecologically worthwhile.

Water is kept in the region. The best water purification, irrigation and flood protection measure is the revitalization of soils, because a living, healthy and humus-rich soil can absorb, purify and store many times more water.
Species-rich permanent forests and wetlands ensure that the evaporated water remains in the lower layers of the air, where it promotes dew formation and serves the regional water cycle.

Where necessary, wastewater treatment plants are renewed using the best natural methods. Wastewater is cleaned by plants, microorganisms and composting techniques  before it flows back into the water cycle. Wherever possible, modern, water-saving and humus-building composting toilets are installed.

Large marine areas
are placed under protection. Regional fisheries that respect marine life replace large-scale industrial fishing and trawling. Marine cleanup and regeneration projects receive generous and active support.

1d.) Purification of the air we breathe

The use of exhaust gases and toxic spray mist containing aluminum, metal and / or other toxins is strictly not produced anymore. The emission of fine dust and air pollution of any kind is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Since healthy ecosystems with a high diversity of tree species are highly effective in purifying the air, such ecosystems are created both in cities and in cleared cultivated landscapes. As a result, the air we breathe, with its health-promoting air microbiome and its healing ions, once again becomes a giver of pure life energy.


60% of all forests – the “lungs of our earth” and producers of vitally important oxygen – are placed under nature protection

The destruction of ecosystems is considered a crime against life.
Areas that have been deforested in recent centuries are reforested under the guidance of future-oriented foresters, who think and feel holistically and have a global vision for forest ecosystems. Special attention is paid to their positive impact on people’s immune systems, climate regulation and the local water cycle.

Holistic forest management courses are offered to foresters, forest owners and all interested people.

Healing foods

Artificial additives of any kind are only used if a panel of doctors, biologists and alternative practitioners from various fields has determined their harmlessness for all life. Industrial sugar, synthetic salts, refined fats, an excess of animal products and denatured foods have led in recent decades , to an unnatural increase in allergies, obesity and diet-related diseases. These are being replaced by wholesome and healing natural foods with their multitude of micronutrients.

Edible wild local plants such as sloes, rose hips, goutweed, stinging nettles or dandelions in mid-europe for example,  are also finding a permanent place in the human diet again and replacing “superfoods” from faraway countries.

The cultivation of wild herb meadows and a variety of old native plant species are promoted. The plants are combined in such a way that a symbiotic environment is created and the plants protect each other from pest infestation. The resulting improved soil health protects against disasters such as floods and drought.

Fruits no longer have to meet standards of size and dimension – any natural form of plant fruit is welcome.

Genetically modified seeds are no longer used.
Farmers and gardeners regained their autonomy in terms of access, reproduction and exchange of seeds.


Environmentally friendly and pollutant-free production

Scientists work hand in hand with practitioners and production companies to increase ecological efficiency in production and to manufacture components that cannot be produced from purely natural raw materials as ethical, environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible, considering the wellbeing of future living beings on our Planet. Nature’s brilliant solutions serve as an inspiring model.

The majority of the textiles are made from natural and renewable raw materials. Hemp and flax cultivation and the cultivation of other ecologically valuable crops enjoy great popularity.

In the transition phase, whenever possible, man-made materials are recycled, repaired and made into new materials in an environmentally friendly process. The ecological footprint is declared on the labels of all products, in particular with regard to what the materials are made of, how fairly they were produced and how efficient their expected life cycle is.

The principles are:
Recycling before new raw material extraction.
Natural before chemical products.

The extraction of raw materials is carried out in a respectful manner and in awareness of the strain on planet Earth and its local communities. The used water is returned to the water cycle in a purified and revitalized state. During extraction, local biodiversity is largely preserved and, in parallel, renaturation is carried out in a way that increases biodiversity and species diversity.

Every living being is treated with respect and mindfulness

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Any form of slavery, violence or exploitation of humans or animals is considered a crime against life. Any form of animal cruelty, cage or factory farming, as well as laboratory experiments with animals and cross-regional animal transports for consumption purposes are a thing of the past.

Animal communication enables people to find out what animals need for their well-being. Animals in zoos and animal parks are free to choose whether they stay in zoos or opt for a life in freedom or in special protected areas.

Parks with a variety of plants and fruit-bearing trees have been created on the land of zoos. Roads leading from the countryside to these parks have been cleared of concrete and now invite wildlife to enter, eat and voluntarily interact with humans.

Our vision is that in the near future, animals will no longer be killed.
For the transitional phase until then, we recommend the following:

Every animal that is not allowed to live in freedom because it contributes to the production of milk or other animal products, is provided with a large enclosure in nature together with its own kind, as well as objects to play with.
The horses, cows and bulls have a beautiful life in the great outdoors “supporting” the stabilization and rebuilding of the humus.
These animals live with people who have a loving, caring and harmonious relationship with them. They are offered only natural, species-appropriate and varied feed. Cows are allowed to keep their horns.
The husbandry conditions are adapted so that vaccinations are no longer necessary. Only essential medication is given and only ever at each animal caretaker’s discretion.

Animals are killed, if necessary, in their natural and familiar environment with as little suffering as possible, while being perceived and honoured as sentient beings.
The shooting of animals to protect the forest and the culling of sick animals is only carried out by people with a hunting license specific to animal welfare-oriented training.

Since the forests are recovering and the ecosystems are back in their natural balance, there is no overpopulation of animals in the forests and no need for “regulation” by humans.

We advocate a shift to a plant-based way of life, recognising that plants are sentient creatures. They are honoured and respectfully harvested and prepared.

We remember that we are connected to the plants on a soul level and can communicate with them. The plant devas (elemental beings) help us to transform our gardens into energetically powerful places where vital food grows.
As guardians of the landscape, we inform our trees a day or two before they are cut down or pruned. We also inform the plants of the meadows before they are cut so that they can draw its energy into their root zone during this time. If a new building is planned, we talk to the place so that the deva of this landsacpe can look for a new place in time.


Our “hospitals” are being transformed into holistic “healing spaces”

A new concept of healing and the construction of correlating holistic spaces are developed and implemented in conjunction with the knowledge and experience of medical doctors, alternative practitioners, energeticists, nutritionists, physiologists, biologists, building biologists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, geomancers, Feng Shui specialists, etc.

In the transition phase, existing hospitals are made more healing-friendly with plants, therapy animals, natural scents, natural light frequencies and images of nature and adapted to keep out low and high frequency radiation – electrosmog.

The new healing centers are surrounded by species-rich healing forests with special forest therapy paths based on the model of the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku with mindfulness paths, streams and bodies of water. Animals and plants are therapeutic helpers.

Special farms connected to the healing centers offer therapy solutions for drug addicts, for example, or other people prone to addiction (including digital detox therapies) and provide healthy organic food grown onsite for the healing centers.

Special farms connected to the healing rooms offer therapy options for drug addicts, for example or other people prone to addiction. This also includes digital detox therapies. Healthy organic food is grown there for the healing spaces. This food promotes healing and a microbiome that optimally supports the psyche and the immune system.

Within the concept of healing, the following principles are acknowledged:

  1. 1. Humans are highly developed spiritual beings that are not just physical bodies. They are multidimensional beings with several “etheric bodies” (including the physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy body, causal body)
    that are interconnected and interact with one another.
    Human beings are a part of the earth’s ecosystem, a living organism, connected on all levels.
    3. The 5 Biological Laws of Nature.
    4. All living beings have excellent self-healing powers and an immune system that must be supported primarily and at all levels in order to prevent and heal diseases. Furthermore, all living beings have healing powers which they can use to support other living beings.
    5. Every illness has a message. Everything we encounter in our lives is seen as an opportunity for healing and growth. From now on, medicine no longer focuses on the symptoms, but on identifying the causes and preventing the disease.

The doctor of the future will give no medication
but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
Thomas A.Edison

In the new healing centers, holistic therapy methods are applied that respond to people’s individual needs.
Preventive measures such as regular, accompanied fasting cures or courses in knowledge and methods for self-help are promoted.
Healing methods that have helped people heal through the power of nature and spirit for centuries, such as homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional European Medicine or Anthroposophical Medicine, as well as “new”, well-tested and already successfully applied healing methods based on quantum/frequencies/energy/information, are fully recognised, applied and taught.

Natural, locally grown and produced remedies are preferred, as these have hardly any side effects, compared to the products of the pharmaceutical industry, are better assimilated by the human organism and also benefit local producers.
In order not to weaken people’s natural microbiome with chemical disinfectants, preference is given to life-enhancing microorganisms (EM), ozone or hydrogen peroxide for disinfection and natural agents, such as vinegar, baking soda or ferment7 oxi for cleaning.

The doctors speak openly and, without being asked, provide information on the side effects of any drugs they prescribe in a clear and transparent way.

While in the old system one earned from people’s illness, now the highest reward of people working in the healing professions is the health of the patients.

The birth of humans, and animals, is respected as a sacred ritual

Even the conception of a human being is consciously lived as a sacred act.

Women are given free access to prenatal classes developed by experienced, holistically thinking and feeling midwives and doulas (obstetricians).
Both parents are prepared in courses for their role as companions of a human being in the adventure of life.

Women decide for themselves how and where they want to give birth, whether in birth centers, at home or outdoors – in the forest, in the sea or at special power places – in any case protected, in peace and quiet and in the circle of their family or other women.
Children are born naturally, and all natural processes of birth are respected and allowed. Invasive interventions are avoided wherever possible.
Every child is accompanied into the world in a dignified, loving, gentle and attentive manner.

In order to strengthen the bond of love between parents and child, the baby is nurtured with a feeling of security and love from the very beginning. The child spends the first years of its life in loving, close contact with its family.
To provide the baby with the best nutrients of natural breast milk, women are optimally supported in breastfeeding their babies.

Unwantingly pregnant women are supported in all areas of life.
Women who, for whatever reason, do not want to keep their babies with them, can connect while they are still pregnant to the couples who will lovingly take care of their baby after birth.
In the transitional phase, a world still disturbed with harmful electro smog, it is ensured that babies and young children are exposed to it as little as possible, so they can develop healthily and naturally.

Receive the children in reverence,
educate them in love,
and send them forth in freedom.
Rudolf Steiner

“By losing the fear of death – and recognizing ourselves as an infinite and immortal being – we’ll also lose the fear of living”

“He who is no longer afraid of death,
he is no longer so easily manipulated.”

Together with death counsellors of all religions, courses are created that enable people to develop a fear-free and dignified approach to the subject of “death” and also to learn to freely allow and process their feelings of pain and grief.

Relatives are allowed to keep the body of their loved one laid out at home or in a sacred room for a few days, so that the soul can slowly and gently detach itself from the body and relatives have enough time to say goodbye to their loved ones.

By composting our bodies in healthy, living soil or in specially created systems
we gratefully return them to the cycle of life.
Taking into account the values of different cultures and religions, if necessary, cremations of bodies containing many toxins or similar are preferable for groundwater hygiene reasons.
Relatives should be free to decide where to scatter the ashes.

Each culture can bury the bodies of its loved ones in its own way, with due regard for the well-being of all life.
Forest burials” and “tree burials” are also becoming increasingly popular. Slowly, cemeteries are transforming into cemetery forests.

🌳🌳 Every person leaves behind at least 2 trees in their lifetime.
One is planted at birth and one at death.
The first takes root in the placenta, the second takes root in the body. 🌳🌳

Technical progress serves life, and not the other way around

Any form of artificially applied technology that can negatively affect living organisms or the entire Earth will be shut down and dismantled!
This includes in particular wireless telecommunication technologies without safety assessment (e.g. 5G), artificial intelligence (AI), microchips (RFID, Digital ID), IoT (Internet of Things), smart meters, video surveillance systems, mind-controlling technologies (e.g. HAARP) and artificial weather modification (geoengineering, chemtrails).

Artificial intelligence (AI) is only used where it is beneficial to life. Under no circumstances is it used for the surveillance and control of people.

“We acknowledge that all living beings on earth are inextricably linked
with the natural terrestrial and cosmic electromagnetic fields
and that we can only truly recover or stay in healthy balance
if we are in undisturbed resonance with the cycles
and frequencies of the earth and the cosmos.”

Research into and the immediate implementation of telecommunication technologies that are harmless to humans, animals and plants have the highest priority.

As long as healing frequencies are not available for use, computers are connected to the Internet via (fiber optic) cables.
Once buildings are wired, the need for wireless communication decreases and the radiation output of oversized outdoor antennas can be reduced.
Well-researched healing frequencies that have been subject to long-term testing will be used for regeneration in the future.

In every country, there are radiation-free areas in which sick and radiation-sensitive people can settle or recover.

Light frequencies that serve the human immune system

There are now only light sources that are adapted to the natural light spectrum, that are harmless to all living creatures and that have a minimal impact on the environment during production, use and recycling.

To avoid light pollution, all external, unnatural light sources are reduced by at least 40 percent at night and street lights are prevented from shining up into the night sky.

Beaches where animals lay their eggs are no longer artificially lit so that newly hatched baby animals are undisturbed in their natural behavior.

1n.) The “health” of space is essential for our life. The sky, as an integral part of all life, must be protected.

Satellites, space-weapons or other technical devices which disrupt the natural cosmic frequencies that enable healthy life on earth will be dismantled.
The space debris is transported back to Earth and recycled here without leaving any residue.

13-moon calendar

We return together to a 13-month calendar that is in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth.
Thus we have 13 times 28 days plus a “day of gratitude for creation” that is celebrated worldwide.

We honour the specific qualities of timeframes, celebrate meaningful rituals, the annual “Wheel of the year” festivals of our ancestors in deep connection with the earth and nature.
The deeply felt “gifts” come from our tangible connection with the earth. Therefore, there is no need to buy gifts that generate unnecessary waste.

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