May the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO serve as the light at the end of the tunnel in this collective birthing process. Let us unite in this VisioN. Let's go this way together, and jointly bring into being – thanks to our creative power – a Paradise on Earth.

Life Calls Us

Six years ago, our governments signed the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and committed themselves to implementing them by 2030. Since then, however, the condition of our Earth has continued to deteriorate dramatically.
The neoliberal logic of profit maximization and exploitation and the pyramidal power structure have definitely proven their incompetency.
Instead of focussing on a gross domestic product, focussing on gross national happiness – of all forms of life – is much more friendly to life.

It is the challenge of our time now
to envision a new form of coexistence on earth and to implement it
with joy and determination.

In gratitude and respect for our ancestors,
the people who walked the path before us.
In love for our children
and for us.

We therefore call on our current governments to step back
if they do not seriously plan and do everything in their power to manifest a world in which all actions and laws serve the well-being of all life – with respect, compassion and care for the earth, its inhabitants and its diversity.
Because: “If the government cannot create happiness and well-being for its people, then there is no reason for the government to exist.”
(From: Survey Report, Bhutan Study)

Our motto:
truth, freedom, equality,
community and peace

As sovereign people, we are aware that each of us has a stake in the recovery of our planet

and our society. By entering this new world

conscious of our responsibility
living responsibly full of compassion and love for ourselves and for all life

We create a movement that will
ultimately carry along even those
who do not yet believe in this vision of the good.

In order to create a New Earth, it is necessary to boldly and imaginatively expand the horizons of our thinking.


The History

“In the spring of
2020, the year of change, I went into the forest yet again to connect with “heaven and earth“ – in touch with the trees – and to tune into what my next task would be. The answer came immediately: “Go home and write a fairy tale”. THE FAIRY TALE OF THE ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY OF THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT wanted to be written – the story of how we humans came to forget about ourselves, and now finally remember who we really are.
A few weeks later I created the video MANIFEST PARADISE ON EARTH – a guided visualization of New Earth, a short version of which can also be found in the above fairy tale. The NEW EARTHMANIFESTO is the next step for me to support the development process towards a new awareness of the miracle of life and a harmonious and healthy community of all living beings on our wonderful earth.
Shortly after I had sketched my first draft, the
fabulous Coco, whom I had met in Switzerland at the premiere of AWAKE2PARADISE, came into my life. It quickly became clear that I had found a soul sister in this visionary and that we would implement the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO together.”

“I think that neither Catharina nor I could initially imagine how big the whole thing would
become! Between Christmas 2020 and the beginning of 2021 we sent out two newsletters with the first version of the manifesto, with the request to contribute to the manifesto by January 3rd. We received over 80 specific suggestions! We have incorporated many of these extremely exciting additions, suggestions and ideas into the manifesto. Today, I am aware that through swarm intelligence we have created a vision in the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO that is tangible and realizable.
The follow-
on project HUMUS.FOUNDATION will serve to achieve this in concrete terms – a networking platform based on the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO! Humus will also offer an academy in cooperation with already existing organizations and illustrate concrete solutions and projects for building our new world. And everyone is invited to be a part of it!
Since I live in French-speaking Switzerland and am also very well connected to France, and through wonderful circumstances and coincidences that are
none, it suddenly became clear that the source of inspiration and great actress of this transition, Bénédicte would be the best representative of the French-speaking world.”

Bénédicte: “When Coco and Catharina suggested that I join them to take part in this wonderful adventure, the NEW EARTH MANIFESTO, I could only feel honored and excited: it made so much sense! It seemed like a natural extension of my many civil society engagements, which I began a long time ago: first in the Club of Budapest, then in other associations that I have co-founded / co-supervised or managed over time (Spring of Education, Biomimicry France, Civic Pact, the Ecologists, Intuiteurs sans Frontières, etc.). These associations were aimed at accompanying this paradigm shift, this social transition that we so desperately need in order to give birth to another world that offers our children a desirable future… After all, this manifesto takes up a good part of the doctoral thesis that I have been practicing for 25 years on the resilience of our human civilization to make it sustainable for all people and all living beings!
My participation
was first and foremost a true call of the heart, so working with Catharina and Coco … is simply a pleasure! Their intelligence of the heart gives them a sensitivity and open-mindednesswhich facilitates the relevance of the vision, but above all makes our joint work such a fluid, joyfuland constructive experience… pure bliss on a daily basis that you wish for in all work structures!” 

After all those new ideas and inspirations had been incorporated into the manifesto, we sent it to the people of our “Council of Wise Ones”, so that their knowledge and experience would flow into the manifesto.
Special thanks to Uwe Burka, who invested many, many hours to ‘bring the manifesto even more down to earth’.
You can imagine how happy we are to present the manifesto to you.

Now it is a matter of actively implementing this vision.
The time is now!
Together, we will do it!

Here you can watch a conversation that Catharina and Coco had about the manifesto in February 2021:

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“I would like my films and projects to inspire people to
their infinite creative potential that lies within each of us.”

Catharina is a visionary, mother, author, adventurous life researcher, world traveler, paradise gardener, yoga teacher, nature lover and
filmmaker of works such as 
In her films, videos, books, blogs and interviews, she
addresses the themes of her heart, consciousness, awakening and the complex interrelationships of the miracle of life.

She lives with her son, lots of animals and plants and in a happy relationship in the Vienna Woods in Austria.



“I hope that every person will remember who they truly are, so that we can start creating our New Earthtogether and with joy.”

Coco is a connecter; mother; man, animal and nature lover and a coach of joy. For 25 years she interviewed people from the snow, skate and surf scene on topics such as ecology & awareness for her magazine 7sky. Today she makes the platform available to people for sharing their stories and projects.

From April she will travel through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France in order to use her videos and interviews to inspire and sensitize as many people as possible to the New Earth, the New Earth Manifesto and the upcoming Humus.Foundation.



“The 21st century will be the century of deep and genuine reconnection with all of life.”

Bénédicte is a mother, business coach and in love with the earth and all living things. In addition to her career as a Manager in large international corporations, she has been actively researching social changes and the resilience of human civilization through environmental education and ecology for 25 years.

Bénédicte is the editor of the book ‘L’intelligence Emotionelle des Plantes’ (The Emotional Intelligence of Plants), ‘Dialogue avec l’animal et le Vivant’ (Dialogue with the animal and all life) and she is the co-director of “Intuiteurs sans frontières’ (Intuiters without borders). In all of her activities she illuminates the powerful connection between humans, nature and all species.


Together with many visionaries of a paradisal future, this manifesto has grown from our innerknowing that we can find much smarter solutions if we work together.

We love the principle of
“swarm intelligence”

Uwe Burka

Visionary and practical implementer

Daniele Ganser

Historian, peace researcher

Rüdiger Dahlke

Doctor, visionary, author

Vera Brandes

Music producer, sound researcher


Wisdom teacher and coach

Nicola Good

"Midwife" for projects and people of the New Age

Charles Kunow

World traveler, awareness teacher


Lawyer, author and networker

Christina von Dreien

Ambassador of the New Era

Dieter Broers

Bio-physicist, author


The knowledge from source

FrANZ Hörmann


Karl Gamper

Visionary, author

Marianne Sebastien

International Human Rights Prize, Free Voices

Traugott Ickeroth

Bridge builder between the worlds, author


For us, “swarm intelligence” means that a certain topic is illuminated by many people with different perspectives and practical experiences, and that more holistic solutions can be found than if only one person were looking at it.

In addition to our Council of Wise Ones, we would like to thank the following people for an inspiring exchange, for their ideas and visions:

Esteban Amadee, Alexandra Asfour, Andreas, Anja, Frau Alke, Stephan Anke, Clemens G.  Arvay, Johannes Bartsch, Robert Beiske, Barbara Bräuer, Cornela Braun, Kai Brenner, Astrid Brinck, Christian Bucher, Katrin Crone, Cornelia Deja, Luzia Domesle, Daniel Foertsch,  Barbara Foste, Christa G, Marin A. Gails, Isabelle Goumaz, Hardy Groeneveld, Karin Gruber, Iris Haldemann, Claudia Hartfiel, Joerg Hentschel, Christa Hermann, Simon Hofmann, Jana, Karin Jörns, Cédric Juillerat, Charles Kunow, Agnes Krolik, Marina Krompers, Christophe Lerat, Steffen Lohrer, Eva Mair, Christiane Marvan, Mirabelle Mina, Christelle Oediger, Antje Otten, Christoph Popp, Christian Pögl-Buchner, Franziska Richter, Moritz Roland, B. Rongen, Britta Rosenberg, Francis Rossier, Cornelia Schmid, Peter Schmuck, Siranus Sven von Staden, Josef Studerus, Alke S, Anthony Tache, Benny Tache, Gregory Tache, Lea Tessmer, Alexandra Terzic-Auer, Catherine Thurner, Roxanna Yadollahi-Farsani, Marika Verheijen, Hanna Wachwitz-Homering, Jürgen Willmann, Claudia Winert, Marco Wudke, Bernadette Würmer

What you can do now

1. Read the manifesto carefully

You are already manifesting just by carefully and compassionately reading the manifesto
– and you are making history with it, especially when you allow images to emerge within you
actively reinforce these inner images with your feelings of joy and gratitude – as the LOVE THAT YOU ARE.
If you like, have some nice and uplifting music playing in the background.
Catharina, for example, listened to the following film music while writing the manifesto: 
“Wonderful Movie Soundtracks”.

By going into the New World that is described in this manifesto, with all your senses and full attention,
you become, so to speak, a magnet that draws this new reality into its existence.

2. Find your very own individual calling

During our lives, in our schools, we have often been led away from listening to the voice of our heart.
We do not know which tasks inspire us in life, which talents and gifts we carry within.
Just reading this manifesto will create images in you that will delight your heart.
You will recognize what you want to stand up for.

You will realize how truly unique you are and that you
can make the earth more beautiful with your abilities, gifts and talents.

3. Set your hand to a concrete task

What you can definitely do right now is find out where your next organic farmers are at home.

Contact them, shop with them, and discuss how you can support each other.
Get to know your neighbors, meet like-minded people and develop ideas together
for projects that serve the good of all life.

Or join one of the many, many projects that are already actively working on the New Earth.

4. Share the manifesto

SHARE THIS MANIFESTO with as many people as possible!
May millions of people take the chance to show that they want a New Earth
and that they are ready to implement it practically, too.

We THANK YOU for being a part of this movement.
If you haven’t already, please enter your name in the form below.

5. Support our work

You can support our work with a donation – see below under “What’s next?”.

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If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

Let's show the world how many we are.

What’s next?

In the near future we would like to provide you with a new website and platform,
the HUMUS FOUNDATION, for networking, for your ideas, for the exchange of knowledge
and for the presentation of projects.

In the meantime, please use the platform to post your constructive input there,
write your constructive ideas in the comment field of the blog
or send an email to

We can also reveal that Catharina is planning a feature film
that you might want to be part of in some form.
We will definitely keep you updated.

We thank you for your donation.
With it, you are actively supporting us all in making this vision
a reality very soon through the follow-on project Humus.Foundation, a large networking platform and academy that aims to bring together everything that already exists.

For your information: Catharina, Coco and Benedicte have been working for months on this manifesto and this vision of the good on earth without pay.
We look forward to your support, which will enable us to continue
devoting our time to this wonderful project – WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!



Bank Austria
IBAN: AT34 1200 0100 0383 9742

Please write “Manifest” with your donation.

the tale

Find out with this fairy tale why we humans have forgotten who we really are – and how we can remember this again:

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the fairy tale of the adventurous journey

The manifestation

Join many, many people who start at 9:00 p.m. every day visualize and manifest the New Earth together:

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das märchen von der abenteuerlichen Reise

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come “. Victor Hugo

Each of us already has the seeds of paradise within us. Let us water this paradise together and shine the sun on our attention.

COCO & catharina


Share your ideas in the comments below the chapters or write a message to:

We are so grateful that YOU started the journey to paradise with us

Coco & Catharina & Benedicte

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If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

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