Why we need change
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The problem is clearly unfolding right in front of all of our eyes.
The media have enormous power over the thought process of those people who
fundamentally refrain from questioning the content of the media. 
Even at school we learn that we will only be rewarded if we can accurately reproduce
what is already written in the textbooks.

Thinking for oneself or outside the box is never rewarded at school.

The media has become a powerful political tool.

In an “information war” the media can be used as a weapon 
to spread deliberately one-sided information and to refer to the opinion
of the “opponent” as false. In this way, the media can create 
a new apparent “reality” for entire countries and cultures.

PS: Please do not automatically believe what you have read or will read here,
but research for yourself and practice listening to the intelligence of your own heart.

Freedom of the press, diversity of opinion and independent reporting 
are once again the focus of the mission. 
The media are called upon to be carriers of positive solutions
for the transformation on Earth and the regeneration of life,
as well as to report on successful projects and solutions.

8a.) Media houses and journalists are financially independent and free

Why we need change
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Mainstream media is currently still (as of March 2021) ruled to a high degree by a small group of media concerns. These media concerns are closely related to politics and economy and determine the content that is presented to us and sold as reality.
In addition, much of the income from advertising placements is generated 
by corporations that then also have an influence on what is written or shown.
No media will write about or report on something that contradicts the agenda of its bankrollers if it does not want the money tap to be turned off.

In this way, a small group of people manage to manipulate thoughts and destinies worldwide.

“The media is an essential part of a free spiritual life:
Only if we are informed about things, can we come to our own conclusions and claim
our self-determination in the world. Therefore, any influence on media freedom 
by the economy, for example to obtain commercial advantages, and by the legal system, for example to conceal oppositional thoughts, is a danger 
to our own independence and sovereignty.”
(Uwe Burka)

In the future, the media will be independent from the economy and the state. 
Because if the economy controls the media, it is harnessed and used for the purposes of commerce. Likewise, if the state controls the press, it “dances to its tune”,
the tune of the ruling government parties.

The task of the media is to disseminate information and solutions,
to help people come into their full potential.

If media houses receive, in the transition phase, financial support from the economy or politics, they must officially disclose its source. This provides clarity as to whom – which investor, financier – the content of the newspaper articles, radio or television programs may be of service to.

Journalists are free and have no financial or ideological dependency on any newspaper, broadcaster or Internet portal. They are funded by culture and can work for multiple media organizations at the same time.

Freedom of the press, diversity of opinion, independent reporting and transparency

Why we need change
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Diversity of opinion, especially the publication of system-critical voices,
is extremely important in order to prevent an opinion dictatorship 
and to allow readers and viewers to have a wide range of perspectives,
facts, visions and experiences on a certain topic.

In 2020, a global wave of censorship – unprecedented in the history of our civilization so far – and virtually throughout all main media outlets across the entire world began:

Critics of the measures promoted by the mainstream mediawere blatantly branded and denounced.

On the social media platforms founded by “Big Tech”, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, tens of thousands of channels and profiles of people with opposing opinions
to the mainstream narrative were deleted, millions of postings were removed and
thousands of scientists were publicly denounced. 
Many of them also lost their jobs as a result.

For this purpose, algorithms were used that automatically delete a message if it contains content that defies the mainstream narrative.

At the same time, so-called “fact-checker” platforms were set up,
which in turn are financed by the same bodies that also 
finance the mainstream media.

This has led to an enormous division within society, even within families.

Finding information from more than one source is the order of the day. Usually, the differences on a particular topic say more than the similarities.


We are aware of the massive influence the media has on each individual as well as on the collective.
Because the thoughts and images that we carry within us and that are reinforced by our feelings create our reality.
Therefore, special care is taken to ensure that the media predominantly disseminate thoughts and images that promote the highest good of all life.

Finding information from more than one source is fundamental, because the different perspectives on a topic usually give us more insight than we gain by reading similar articles. Hearing different opinions and weighing them against our own experience and perception trains our minds and can expand our worldview enormously.

Journalists remember their responsibility in forming opinions and prove themselves worthy of it. If they state their own opinion, this has to be clearly marked as such. “Facts” can be checked, sources are communicated transparently.
Diversity of opinion and different points of view are valued.

Truly investigative journalists are valued: People who are courageous and curious to uncover irregularities, do in-depth research, get an on-site picture and, ideally, also document possible solutions.

The media actively participates in the dissemination of positive solutions and encourages living in personal responsibility

Why we need change
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Since it was often essential for survival in the history of humankind 
to pay more attention to threats than to good things in life, our brain is programmed 
to give more meaning to threats, scares and negative messages.

Therefore, the media soon recognized that negative headlines, horror reports
about diseases, disasters, murders, terror attacks and wars increase viewing figures.

This in turn leads to the fact that the world, and humanity as a whole, are portrayed in a rather
gloomy light
 which is stored in our subconscious as a false picture of “reality”.
A reality which is designed to create a fear response in our system.

Fear, on the other hand, not only damages our immune system, it also adversely affects our ability to think clearly and to make healthy decisions. Anxiety and stress can lead to chronic panic or depression and can make us sick in the long run.
As unconscious creative beings, we then create a gloomy reality out of these “negative” programs ourselves.

A perpetual cycle that – from now on – is being interrupted by a positive,
wholesome view of the world and its people
 that is also conveyed by the media!

State support is only given to media that refrain from reporting luridly about dangers, catastrophes, accidents or crime, but rather report about positive events, successful projects and solutions.

During the annual flu season or potential pandemics, information on strengthening the immune systemprevention and healing is communicated. In addition, opinions and advice, warnings and healing successes from competent and independent doctors, virologists, immunologists, etc. are incorporated.

Young people are encouraged not to blindly believe public or social media, but to form their own opinions

Why we need change
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Our school system has been conditioning young people by rewarding them with a feeling of recognition and integration into the community when they reproduce broadly and flawlessly what the “curriculum” dictates.
critical attitude toward these school media, in turn, is
 with poor grades.

This has been so deeply programmed into the minds of most children
that later on as adults they can only break through the wall of the mainstream media
narrative with conscious effort. 

A child can only reach a higher level of consciousness if it develops
an awareness of its thinking processes and critically questions its own thoughts.
We should therefore support our children in not accepting anything as a fixed reality
– and especially not what they hear in the media. They are encouraged to listen to a wide variety of opinions, tune into the intelligence of their heart, trust their own feelings,
and do a reality check in their own life.
Subsequently, children will ideally be able to recognize themselves as
being pure, formless consciousness.


Media reports are always questioned:
From what perspective and with what intention is something written? What does this media want me to believe & cui bono – whom does it serve if I believe this? Which worldview is this article trying to underpin? Is the post trying to activate emotions? What other publications by the author are available? Which institutions is the author close to? By whom is the author funded?
What does my common sense say, what does the intelligence of my heart tell me?

8e.) Social media platforms

Why we need change
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In principle, social media platforms can be seen as a wonderful achievement
that enables people to connect with others worldwide, make their talents visible,
offer their gifts or make their knowledge available to many people.
But as the well-known example with the kitchen knife shows:
You can prepare a wonderful meal with a knife –
but you can also injure or kill living beings with it.

So, what are the challenges that we must face intelligently?
* As already mentioned, the operators of social media platforms currently
still have the power to use censorship to guide opinions and influence the
fate of entire countries.
* Many of the social media platforms were founded by secret services
in order to have the user data served on a silver platter. This data is sold to corporations or used for monitoring.
* Many children are downright “addicted” to social media from a very early age –
be it after the kick of getting a “like” on a “post” or because of the latent fear
of missing out on something. 
How often do we observe children who sit next to each other but no longer have any real contact, communicating with their cell phones instead?
​​bullying has become a major problem and results in a number of suicides
committed by children, adolescents and adults every year.
Pedophile networks use social media platforms
to “hunt” and exchange strategies.
“Influencers” – people who often pretend to be living a certain life
and can thus influence millions of others – emerge in a much stronger and faster way
than the classic media ever could. It becomes problematic, for example, if people start to compare themselves with these influencers and experience a decrease
in their natural self-confidence because their own life,
their appearance, suddenly appears pale and uninteresting next to these perfectly styled, made-up and staged idols –
or if we have allowed this influencer to set up
speaker’s corner in our own mind.

Social media platforms are free of material that incites or glorifies psychological or physical violence against other living beings.

Here, people from all sides of the earth find each other to support each other, to exchange ideas about various projects or to implement new projects together.

Everyone has the right to move around in their environment without being influenced by advertising

Why we need change
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Advertising is basically there to persuade people to buy things by artificially simulating a lack of some sort, creating fears 
or creating needs that were not there before.

Advertising draws our attention specifically away from the encounters of our lives in the “Now,” the adventure of life, to an “Only when I have this, will I be happy.” mentality. Advertising would have us believe that we find fulfillment in buying things. 
True fulfillment, however, can only come from within.

Advertising has a direct effect on our subconscious and, through constant repetition, becomes an unconscious, parasitic part of our thinking.


Public places, radio and TV stations are free of advertising.
Signs lead to local businesses.
Important information on non-local businesses and products can be found on the internet.

Our attention rests again freely and mindfully on the landscape, people, animals, plants and elements we encounter on our way.

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