Freedom of the press, diversity of opinion and independent reporting 
are once again the focus of the mission. 
The media are called upon to be carriers of positive solutions
for the transformation on Earth and the regeneration of life,
as well as to report on successful projects and solutions.

8a.) Media houses and journalists are financially independent and free

The task of the media is to disseminate information and solutions,
to help people come into their full potential.

If media houses receive, in the transition phase, financial support from the economy or politics, they must officially disclose its source. This provides clarity as to whom – which investor, financier – the content of the newspaper articles, radio or television programs may be of service to.

Journalists are free and have no financial or ideological dependency on any newspaper, broadcaster or Internet portal. They are funded by culture and can work for multiple media organizations at the same time.

Freedom of the press, diversity of opinion, independent reporting and transparency

During the “Corona crisis” we became increasingly aware that the media has the power to massively manipulate people. Therefore, there must be no more unilateral manipulative and destructive propaganda or censorship.

Finding information from more than one source is fundamental, because the different perspectives on a topic usually give us more insight than we gain by reading similar articles. Hearing different opinions and weighing them against our own experience and perception trains our minds and can expand our worldview enormously.

Journalists remember their responsibility in forming opinions and prove themselves worthy of it. If they state their own opinion, this has to be clearly marked as such. “Facts” can be checked, sources are communicated transparently.
Diversity of opinion and different points of view are valued.

Truly investigative journalists are valued: People who are courageous and curious to uncover irregularities, do in-depth research, get an on-site picture and, ideally, also document possible solutions.

The media actively participates in the dissemination of positive solutions and encourages living in personal responsibility

State support is only given to media that refrain from reporting luridly about dangers, catastrophes, accidents or crime, but rather report about positive events, successful projects and solutions.

During the annual flu season or potential pandemics, information on strengthening the immune systemprevention and healing is communicated. In addition, opinions and advice, warnings and healing successes from competent and independent doctors, virologists, immunologists, etc. are incorporated.

Young people are encouraged not to blindly believe public or social media, but to form their own opinions

Media reports are always questioned:
From what perspective and with what intention is something written? What does this media want me to believe & cui bono – whom does it serve if I believe this? Which worldview is this article trying to underpin? Is the post trying to activate emotions? What other publications by the author are available? Which institutions is the author close to? By whom is the author funded?
What does my common sense say, what does the intelligence of my heart tell me?

8e.) Social media platforms

Publishing material glorifying violence to humans and animals, as well as any direct or indirect call for pedophilia, is prohibited on all social media platforms.

Platform providers are not allowed to arbitrarily censor content or users by themselves or be corrected by superior authorities other than transparent independent institutions.

Everyone has the right to move around in their environment without being influenced by advertising

Advertising in public places will be discontinued with immediate effect.
Signs that lead to local businesses remain. Advertisements on radio and TV stations are announced in advance and provided with a time stamp in order to give listeners or viewers the opportunity to evade them in good time. 
Advertising on the Internet is only shown after a prior, clear declaration of readiness given by the user.

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