True fulfilment does not come
rom external sources or can be bought with money,
but comes from a deep connection with other beings and the Earth.
From an inner focus on our purpose in life,
It comes from living with an open heart.
and from the joy of giving.
Our focus has changed from making money to living a meaningful life,
which is oriented towards the well-being of all life.

In the transition phase, a new financial architecture is developed.
For this purpose, currency systems that are in development or are already being developed are tested regionally. Together with regional producers, craftsmen, service providers and consumers, these will be further developed until a well-functioning system is found
that can also be easily applied supraregionally.

This new financial architecture will ensure the regeneration of the planet and the livelihoods of all beings through money creation that is decoupled from an interest and debt system: healthy food, health, culture and knowledge, a dignified activity.

We are introducing a new monetary system

A new “serving” full money – as cash and clearing system – gets a real measure of value, for example aligned to a defined organic food basket.
The money supply is controlled in such a way that the food basket, once defined, always keeps the same price, so there is no more inflation or deflation.

Interest on loans and credit balances as well as speculation are abolished after the transition phase.

A model for testing future money creation is presented by the Gradido system:
Here, money creation follows simple rules. A good sum of money is created for each person every month.
One third of the money created is used for a basic income for this person (see chapter 7.c.).
The second third is for the community and administration. For the healing rooms, the places of learning, the universities, road construction, etc.
This also means that no more taxes have to be paid.
The third third goes into the renaturation, healing and preservation of our environment. Nature and environmental protection thus become a flourishing “branch of industry”.

The new monetary system is oriented towards the natural cycle of growth and decay.
Thus, an ideal percentage is also found by which the money supply is reduced every year. So it makes no sense to hoard money, it is better to keep it in constant motion, to lend it, to participate in projects or to give it away.
Everyone is provided for at all times. So there is no need to accumulate money to prevent bad times.

The priority in our new culture is the health and the development of people’s potential. In our culture, money only serves as a real means of exchange, loan and donation for the needs of living beings.

Intelligent “taxes”

No human being pays taxes or social contributions any more, because with his second third of the money created, administration & Co. are already financed (see 7a.).

In the transition phase, production companies whose activities harm people, animals, plants and livelihoods pay regeneration taxes that serve to heal and rebuild.

Basic Income

Every person, regardless of age, is entitled to an unconditional basic income.
This covers the basic maintenance costs and enables a dignified life.
The Basic Income is based on the principle of give and take. Every person is free to contribute to the common good according to his or her nature. For example, some people like to work in nature regeneration projects, with people in need, in administration, in road construction or the development of a community square. Others bake bread, make music or develop new designs or life-enhancing technologies that serve the community.
All activities foster a sense of doing something truly meaningful, of being useful, and strengthen a sense of connection and solidarity between all beings.

Other people prefer to “put all their time into their professional activities. Because they earn more there, because they are needed more there, because it is more fun for them or for whatever reason. Everyone is free to choose.” (Gradido)

If necessary, more hours are credited for “unpleasant work”.

“Since money is in overflowing abundance,
“it has become less important. We have all become more generous
and have enormous fun in giving!”

The land can only belong to the Earth herself

We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
rather, we have borrowed it from our children.
Indian Proverb

Land cannot belong to anyone and therefore it can no longer be speculated with. The land is the basis of life for all of us.

Land ownership gets a completely new definition: with it, we have a fair stewardship right over this piece of land.
We take responsibility for it, perceive ourselves as loving and mindful custodians of this patch of earth and protect, regenerate and care for this place.
Animals, plants and the organism soil have just as much a natural “right” to live healthily in this place as humans.

From a size to be determined, land is transferred to life-supporting projects, communities or foundations.
The local wise men’s councils help decide which humus- and society-building and coexistence-promoting projects will be implemented there – such as community gardens or orchards.
A considerable part of each region is given back to nature and its creatures and previously made fertile again. There, people support the recovery processes for the benefit of all life and the increase of biodiversity.

Protected livelihoods

Companies, streets, springs, raw material deposits, rental houses, etc. are the basis of life and the economy – and no longer commercial objects that make our lives expensive and manipulable.
We ourselves find legal forms that protect those “common goods”.

Crowdfunding and “open source”

Large crowdfunding / crowd investing platforms make it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain the funds for their projects and to be in contact with their sponsors.

Other platforms offer courses, images, films, software etc. in “open source”, which, as the name suggests, can be freely used by everyone.
In this way, creative works and new inventions can be quickly spread around the world.
Donations are also gladly left here for the creators.

“Donating is easy for us. And then there is the feeling of happiness
of having helped others.”

The use of money is seen
in an increasingly
🤸‍♀️playful way.

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  1. Hello!
    You wrote “Be the first to comment!”. So I am glad that I am the first to commend on this wonderful page!
    Thank you for your great initiative for a new earth! And yes we all need an complete another money-system! One that works for all and not just for a select few.
    And often is it like this:
    “The greater the security devices to secure money and property, the greater the criminal energy that led to that property…”

    But we all look forward to something better, something future-proof, something where can grow up our children in love and peace, something where our nature, our animals, plants, rainforests worldwide can develop and survive well!
    Just something new!!!

    So I wish you, this manifest and your intentions just the best!

    with warm regards

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Let us show the world that we are many.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.