Money is no longer an end in itself,
but is there
to serve people and nature.

7a.) We are introducing a new monetary system

Why we need change
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Today it is essential to question our monetary monoculture,
which is based on growing indebtedness, the logic of which requires, on the one hand, considering
 that which generates financial profit to be wealth –
even if this destroys social ties and natural ecosystems – and, on the other, making the economy structurally dependent on infinite growth. Today’s monetary system has brought material comfort unparalleled in human history, but it also causes the breakdown of life through intolerable social inequalities.
Furthermore, money is created out of nothing. 70 times more ‘speculative money’ is in circulation than money that has actually been earned. This system, based on debt, cannot last in the long run.

A new “serving” money – as a cash and clearing system – has a real standard of value and is aligned – for example with a defined organic food basket.
The food basket – once defined – always maintains the same value, i.e., there is no longer any inflation or deflation.

Money creation as such can only be carried out by the central banks and is mainly used to make a gift to creative, cultural or educational institutions and healing centers. The “creation” and endless increase of money through credit, especially through commercial banks, does not exist anymore.

Credit and credit interest will be abolished. Only agency and processing fees can be charged.

Speculation is completely abolished.

The hoarding of money is made more difficult by an aging interest rate – e.g., 1% per month.
That way, money is always in circulation.
Profits made from this 1% are allocated to supporting cultural activities and the development of potential. Vouchers are given to people who want to continue their education.
Every child receives a monthly voucher from this money pool in order to be able to choose specific additional learning experiences, such as craft businesses, cultural activities, university courses, student exchanges, etc.
Anyone who has more money than they actually need, can lend it to others to avoid depreciation due to the aging interest rate.

Future banks are purely service providers for payment transactions and the brokerage of loan money. Only fees for processing the transactions remain.

Until the central banks take over this extended sovereign money system, we encourage activists to introduce and experiment with regional currencies and to further develop those currencies together with regional producers, service providers and consumers.
The new insights are then shared with the “Councils of Wise Ones for Financial Issues”.

The priority in our new culture is the health and development of people’s potential. In our culture, money only serves as a real means of exchange, loan and gift for the needs of living beings.

7b.) Intelligent “taxes”

Intelligent “taxes” accelerate the healing process:
In the transition phase, everything that harms people and nature is heavily taxed.
On the other hand, what promotes people and nature is rewarded!
The “working” person is liberated from taxes and social security contributions.
The services for social and cultural developments are getting much cheaper. Ecologically and socially acceptable products are also becoming cheaper, whereby environmentally and socially damaging production methods will soon be a thing of the past.

Micro taxes on all purchases and transaction taxes (account movements) of around 1% – together with the toxin taxes mentioned above – replace VAT and all other labor-intensive and unsocial charges. They enable the state to get 100% for its expenses. (Until speculation transactions finally disappear, their movements will bring huge additional income, which can be used to finance new cultural and ecological projects across the board.)

7c.) Basic Income

A basic income is available to every person on request in exchange for moderate social employment.
This social activity of about 20 hours takes place in nature regeneration projects, in working with people in need or the development of a community space, and simultaneously promotes the awareness of self-efficacy and the connectedness of all that is.

Artists who contribute to the good of the community with their art (music, theater, painting, dance) receive money in order to realize their vocation.

Nobody is left behind: If a person is unable to work for one reason or another, they receive enough money to meet their needs for clothing, food and shelter.

7d.) The land can only belong to the earth herself

Why we need change
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Hardly any – misunderstood – phrase has contributed to more destruction than the phrase “subdue the earth”.
In the last few centuries, our mind has been trained more and more
to disassociate from nature and to align with exploitation and profit maximization.

This has led to the fact that, instead of being custodians of a place, we have made that place our subject. Regardless of all living beings that
may have had their home there for hundreds of years – we have exploited the landdestroyed the humus, covered the earth with concrete, poisoned the soil and water, etc.

The blind race for profit and material “prosperity” has pushed us to stop listening to the earth and feeling part of it.

We are now invited to learn from our brothers and sisters of indigenous peoples who have kept this connection to the earth sacred to this day, and to become guardians of the earth ourselves.

We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers,
rather, we have borrowed it from our children.
Indian Proverb

Nobody can “own” land and should not have the opportunity to “speculate” with it. The land is the basis of life for all of us.

Instead of ownership, we humans are given the administrative right over a piece of land for professional or residential use. We take responsibility for this piece of land, perceive ourselves as loving guardians of this place on earth and protect and care for all living beings in this place.

Above a size that has yet to be determined, all land is transferred to foundations “for the liberation of the soil” (e.g. land owned by corporations).
The local “Councils of Wise Ones” decide with the board of trustees which humus and society-building projects, such as community gardens or orchards, shall be implemented there.

At least 10% of each piece of land is given back to nature and its beings after it has been made fertile again where humankind no longer intervenes in the natural order.

 7e.) Company ownership / resources


Companies, streets, springs, raw material deposits, trading platforms, rental houses, etc. are the basis of life and the economy – and no longer commercial objects that make our lives expensive and manipulable.
We ourselves find legal forms that protect the “common good”.

There is, for example, the “Purpus” foundation that can obtain a veto right to prevent speculative sales with a 1% stake.

7f.) Crowdfunding

Large crowdfunding / crowd investing platforms make it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain the funds for their projects and to be in contact with their sponsors.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.

Let's show the world how many we are.

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  1. Hello!
    You wrote “Be the first to comment!”. So I am glad that I am the first to commend on this wonderful page!
    Thank you for your great initiative for a new earth! And yes we all need an complete another money-system! One that works for all and not just for a select few.
    And often is it like this:
    “The greater the security devices to secure money and property, the greater the criminal energy that led to that property…”

    But we all look forward to something better, something future-proof, something where can grow up our children in love and peace, something where our nature, our animals, plants, rainforests worldwide can develop and survive well!
    Just something new!!!

    So I wish you, this manifest and your intentions just the best!

    with warm regards

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