The new legal system integrates the universal principles of nature
and forms the structure for

a new healthy and just social organism
in which people and nature are equally respected.

The legal system serves the entire living organism of the Earth

It harmonizes the various interests and ever-new life impulses.
For example, it is ensured that the interests of the economy or the development of potential are not pursued at the expense of nature.

Legal life ensures that all people – regardless of gender, skin color, sexual, intellectual or spiritual orientation – always have equal rights and opportunities.
Furthermore, it ensures a healthy relationship between economy and health, development of potential and living spaces.

The law is created for sovereign human beings, not for the construct of a “person”.

The new precepts are clearly structured, simply written and easy to understand

They are based on the new constitution and are written by a special “Council of Wise Ones”, which is in close communication with all other thematically specialized “Councils of Wise Ones”, and then submitted to the sovereign people of the country for a vote.

The guardians of law – formerly policemen – in the service of life

The guardians of the law assume their role as friends and helpers – of people, animals, plants, water, air, landscapes, forests and soil – and support the rebuilding of all areas of life.
They are at the service of the constitution and laws decided by the sovereign people.

Both the guardians of the law and the guardians of peace (see next point) are in the service of life and complete the courses for a new consciousness, as well as special additional training in non-violent communication, peacekeeping, mediation and the like, thus developing skills and becoming more open to social and global challenges.

The peacekeepers – formerly military – in the service for peace

There is no way to peace, because peace is the way.
Mahatma Gandhi

Once we have achieved a new consciousness for life,
we direct our hearts and minds, all our actions, all our “institutions”…
towards peace.

The peacekeepers help build humanitarian, social and ecological structures worldwide during the transition phase.
There are no more armed missions in foreign countries.
Peacekeepers do not respond to violence with force, but with wisdom, inner strength and compassion and support a fair balance of interests.

Should peacekeepers in the transition phase still be called upon to do something that, to their moral or ethical sensibilities, is not just, not justifiable or not in the best interests of all life, then they may communicate this openly. Their concerns will be heard and an improvement worked out together. If no consensus can be found, they are free not to participate further in this operation.

With the disappearance of borders, weapons of mass destruction become obsolete as planet Earth is recognised as the home of all people.
The weapons that were once used to destroy a region are now recycled and the equipment made from them is used to rebuild the same region.

Truly fulfilled people do not crave for more land or power
or feel the need to rule over anyone.
Peace is restored.

Peace in conflicts

The pacification of conflicts is also about identifying and healing the causes of the conflict or the act. Techniques such as mediation, family constellations and forgiveness rituals such as Ho’oponopono etc. are used for this purpose.

6f.) Potential development centres instead of prisons

Centers for the development of potential are established where people
who have committed criminal acts undergo an intensive healing programme
for resocialization.
Activities such as creative arts, handicraft, meditation and other spiritual practices, courses in non-violent communication and inner peace, social services, theatre, dance or music
enable them to remember their good qualities as human beings and to express the best in them. At the same time, they are offered the opportunity to pass on knowledge and beneficial skills to others, thereby strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the fields and forest gardens around these potential development centres, fruits and vegetables are grown by the people in the center and can be used to supply not only the centres themselves but also the surrounding communities. The promotion of habitat and biodiversity is at the centre of thought and action. Contact with and care for animals makes it possible to get back in touch with feelings.

A good example of the wonderful healing power of applied creativity is provided, for example, by this video of a prison in the Philippines where dance was offered to the inmates. The level of violence dropped to almost 0% in a very short time, and the prison cells were able to stay open inside the prison.

Here you can read about how Dr.Hew Len used his method
developed his method “Ho-oponopono”:

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Let us show the world that we are many.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.