6. Law, Legal Guardians and Peacekeeper

The new legal system integrates the laws of nature and forms the structure for
a new healthy and just social organism
in which people and nature are equally respected.

Why we need change
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Nowadays, our legal system and our state represent the interests of their affiliated multinational companies rather than being concerned about the well-being of their people. In doing so, the state massively supports the tendency toward unchecked, steadily growing consumption and the utilization or exploitation of nature.

As soon as the legal system puts the well-being of its residents first, even the most aggressive country will lose its reasons for attack. This means that countries can no longer be humiliated by economic, social and ecological exploitation and they no longer connect with aggressively threatening countries.

The legal system serves the entire living organism of the Earth

The legal system serves the entire social organism and harmonizes the various interests and ever-new life impulses.
For example, it is ensured that the interests of the economy or the development of potential are not pursued at the expense of nature.

Legal life ensures that all people – regardless of gender, skin color, sexual, intellectual or spiritual orientation – always have equal rights and opportunities.
Furthermore, it ensures a healthy relationship between health, development of potential, economy and living spaces.

The law is created for sovereign human beings, not for the construct of a “person”.

6b.) The new precepts are clearly structured, simply written and easy to understand

They are based on the new constitution and are written by a special “Council of Wise Ones”, which is in close communication with all other thematically specialized “Councils of Wise Ones”, and then submitted to the sovereign people of the country for a vote.

6c.) The police as legal guardians, friends and helpers

The police embody their role as friends and helpers – of people, plants, animals, waters, air, landscapes, forests and humus – and, in the transition phase, support the rebuilding of all areas of life.
The police are at the service of the constitution and the precepts adopted by the sovereign people.

Both the peacekeepers and the police complete the courses for a new awareness, as well as special additional training in non-violent communication, peacekeeping, mediation, etc., and thus develop skills, which can then also be used in prisons or in humanitarian rescue operations.

The executive and legislative branches are clearly separated from each other.

6d.) The military become pure peacekeepers

The basic, purely defensive military, our peacekeepers, are helping where they are most needed.

They also no longer carry out missions in foreign countries, except for humanitarian or environmental purposes (e.g., disaster relief) or for the development of social and ecological structures.

6e.) Jurisdiction

“Creating justice” is about recognizing the causes of the conflict or deed and healing it. In addition, techniques such as mediation, family constellations and forgiveness rituals such as Ho’oponopono etc. are used.

6f.) Centers of potential instead of prisons

Centers for the development of potential will be set up in which people who have committed criminal acts go through an intensive therapy program for rehabilitation. Activities such as creative arts, spiritual practices, social services, theater, dance or music enable them to recall their good qualities as human beings. Within these centers people heal in connection with nature and with animals. A good example is shown in this video from a prison in the Philippines where inmates were offered dancing. The rate of violence fell to almost 0% within a very short time, and the prison cells could remain open within the prison.

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