Why we need change
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For a new, more humane society, we have to see through the fundamental existence-threatening system errors and work on overcoming them! In the following paragraph, basic thoughts and tasks are briefly outlined which could lead us (regionally first) out of those deadly growth and power pressures:

State, economy and money systems must serve human evolution and not the other way around! The famous notions of “freedom, equality and fraternity” of the French Revolution may help clarify this.

Community is part of economic life. How can we organize the economy in a way that is “oriented toward the common good” or “community”? To satisfy each other’s needs as “brothers and sisters”? In daily life we are already doing this today in terms of division of labor; e.g., a truck driver does not usually transport goods for himself, but for his fellow human beings.

Only in our minds and hearts we still work for our own wallets. The further a person moves away from “real” economy, the more pronounced we find this self-related phenomenon. In contrast, an economy based on community will be organized “associatively” in that producers, service providers, dealers and consumers strive for a fair balance of interests. – The economy is supposed to finance “free” cultural and educational development as well as the “legally” regulating state, but not, as is so common today, intervene everywhere!

“Freedom” belongs to intellectual life, a life that is set free by “skill development” through religion, creative education, research, the arts and independent journalism. As a result, our cultural life can become more and more dynamic. – Economy and state will only arrive at a truly “community” based economy and more humane “equal” legislation through this “free” development of people!

“Equality” belongs to the legal system that is actually political. Do these establishments really ensure the “same” civil rights today, a fair monetary and tax system, independent news, independent risk assessments on pesticides, GENE plants, vaccines, 5G, etc.; protection against price-driving speculation with real estate, companies, land, water, IT networks, etc.? Probably not. – The state should set “equal” and natural framework conditions for “free” cultural and educational development as well as commercial life in “community”, but not intervene as is common today!

Fundamental re-thinking, re-feeling and re-doing is required in order to reorganize and heal social life in these three areas.

(Uwe Burka)

Why we need change
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First of all, here is a short personal observation by Catharina on the topic: I admit at this point that – before I answered the call to initiate this “New Earth Manifesto” – I never wanted to deal with politics. Every time I listened to a parliamentary debate, I felt a sense of resentment and hopelessness.
A reluctance to listen to mainly accusations from one party against the other in these parliamentary debates – which were rarely about finding a concrete solution to one of the many problems that needed the full attention of all involved at the time.
I felt hopeless mainly because, personally, I saw there was hardly any possibility to
approach parties with ideas or observations and actually be heard
, let alone get real answers. I experienced a personal low point in 2019 when – alarmed by research results on the subject of 5G – I tried to make numerous politicians aware of the various dangers of this technology. What I got back at the time were ready-made reassuring responses that were barely distinguishable in wording from party to party and that did not
specifically address my questions on any point. In addition, I had already guessed some of the answers and provided them with the current correct numbers and information in my letters, which did not match the answers I got back from the parties at all.

When I observed what little influence committed initiatives for the protection of people or nature actually have in practical terms, this also aroused a feeling of powerlessness within me, spiced with the dull feeling
that our laws, taxes, regulations and bureaucratic confusions are so complex that they cannot be understood by a “normal person”. So, in turn most people would rather obey and pay than try to shed light on this fog of political hierarchy and administration.

It was only through research on alternative channels that I got an idea of ​​how intrinsically politics is connected internationally with global corporations, their owners, international secret societies, religion, etc.

To cut a long story short, I see the following issues that should be addressed immediately:
The power is in the wrong hands and needs to be returned to where it should be in the first instance: with us humans.
Time, energy and zest for life is lost in inter-party conflicts AGAINST the other party, which could really be better invested in solving a problem FOR the common good. Therefore, there should be no parties.

We urgently need transparency
in order to reawaken people’s sense of personal responsibility and joy in directly helping to shape their lives: easy to understand laws / precepts, clear and simple structures, transparency about political movements and elimination of lobbying.
We humans need the opportunity to personally and actively get involved in political events at any time.

5a.) In order to avoid lobbying in politics, a new, transparent form of democracy is needed

A democracy in which a party system is obsolete.

Positions are held by people who have proven in the past that they are not only highly competent and responsible, but also capable of thinking beyond their actual area of ​​expertise while having demonstrated that they are lovingly concerned about the well-being and health of all life.
Each elected representative serves the will of the people. There is no special financial incentive to become a representative of the people.
A working group ensures that there can be no abuse of power.

There is transparency for all with regard to every action carried out by a representative that is relevant for all people.

Every representative of the people takes personal responsibility for their actions. This prevents laws being passed which only benefit the private sector, but harm people, animals or plants in the process.
At the same time, every representative of the people who has this great responsibility is supported by “Councils of Wise Ones”.

5b.) There is a “Council of Wise Men and Women” for every important topic

These “Councils of Wise Ones” are composed of representatives of the people who are appointed – by committed and engaged people of the country – on the basis of their generally recognized and accepted competence.
They are formed around relevant topics such as agriculture, energy, health, transport, development of potential, peace, etc.
Wise women and men from indigenous peoples and children are also invited to be part of these “Councils of Wise Ones”.

5c.) The Constitution of the New Earth

The first task of each “Council of Wise Ones” is to write a proposal for a constitution that equally respects people and nature. The people of the country can vote on this constitution.

The “New Earth Manifesto” may serve as the basis for this new constitution.

5d.) Everyone can actively help shape their country

Every resident of a country is invited to contribute their constructive ideas and express their wishes on all important issues. We are moving from a democracy of delegation to an active system of cooperation and engagement. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to find out via a digital platform what the “Councils of Wise Ones” are currently engaged in and has the ability to contribute constructively and actively.

5e.) The administration of villages, regions and country is structured simply, clearly and efficiently

Already at the local level there is a “Council of Wise Ones” for every relevant topic in life.
These “Councils of Wise Ones” are in close communication with the population and with the “Councils of Wise Ones” in the districts / cantons.

The “Councils of Wise Ones” in the districts / cantons are in close communication with the “Councils of Wise Ones” of the country.

5f.) A participatory culture of decision making

For this purpose, existing models of decision making such as sociocracy, holacracy and Yamagishi Kai are being tested in practice and developed further.
Both in the decision making process and in the practical implementation of the decision, the guiding principle is always applied:

Each of our actions and every law is always
oriented toward the good of all life
– in respect, compassion and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity.

In Love – Truth – Freedom – Equality – Fraternity – Peace

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