A new form of  stewardship is emerging,
inspired by the intelligence of nature, biomimicry
and in resonance with the
universal principles of nature

5a.) In order to avoid lobbying in politics, a new, transparent form of administration is needed

An administration in which a party system is obsolete.

Positions are held by people who have proven in the past that they are not only highly competent and responsible, but also capable of thinking beyond their actual area of ​​expertise while having demonstrated that they are lovingly concerned about the well-being and health of all life.
Each elected representative serves the will of the people. There is no special financial incentive to become a representative of the people.
A working group ensures that there can be no abuse of power.

There is transparency for all about every action relevant to all people that is carried out by the elected or selected representatives.

Every representative of the people takes personal responsibility for their actions. This prevents laws being passed which only benefit the economy, but harm the basis of life, plants, animals or people.
At the same time, every representative of the people who has this great responsibility is supported by “Councils of Wise Ones”.

There is a “Council of Wise Ones” for every important topic

The “Councils of Wise Ones” are composed of committed and competent women and men for whom the well-being of all life is the basis of their thoughts and actions. These people remain and live up to their responsibility, even “when the house is on fire”.
Its members represent the diversity of the community. People of all ages and life experiences, thinkers and practitioners who are able to address the challenges and solutions of each population group.

They are formed around relevant topics such as agriculture, energy, health, transport, development of potential, peace, etc.

The Constitution of the New Earth

The first task of each “Council of Wise Ones” is to write the proposal for a constitution that is based on the universal principles of nature and equally respects people and nature. The people of the country vote on this constitution.

The “New Earth Manifesto” may serve as the basis for this new constitution.

Everyone can actively shape their region, their country and the New Earth

All regions of the Earth are healthy and full of beauty.
No one has to leave their home anymore because of war,
pollution, poverty, slavery or for economic reasons.
Our vision is that one day there will be no more borders,
because we understand that planet Earth cares for all of us
and we are all part of the human family.

Every resident of a country is invited to contribute their constructive ideas and express their wishes on all important issues. We are moving from a democracy of delegation to an active system of cooperation and engagement. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to find out via a digital platform what the “Councils of Wise Ones” are currently engaged in and has the ability to contribute constructively and actively.

The administration of villages, regions and country is structured simply, clearly and efficiently

Already at the local level there is a “Council of Wise Ones” for every relevant topic in life.
These “Councils of Wise Ones” are in close communication with the population and with the “Councils of Wise Ones” in the large regions.

The “Councils of Wise Ones” in the large regions are in close communication with the “Councils of Wise Ones” of the country.

A participatory culture of decision making

For this purpose, existing models of decision making such as sociocracy, holacracy and Yamagishi Kai, Dragon Dreaming oder Viable System Model (VSM) are being tested in practice and developed further.
Both in the decision making process and in the practical implementation of the decision, the guiding principle is always applied:

Each of our actions and every law is always
oriented toward the good of all life
– in respect, compassion and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity.

In Love – Truth – Freedom – Equality – Fraternity – Peace

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Let us show the world that we are many.

If you also share this version of the New Earth, then give us your YES to it.