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Personal words from Catharina
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First of all, here is a short personal observation by Catharina on the topic: 
I admit at this point that – before I answered the call to initiate
this “New Earth Manifesto” ,
I never wanted to deal with politics. Every time I listened to a parliamentary debate,
I felt a sense of resentment and hopelessness.

A reluctance to listen to mainly accusations from one party against the other 
in these parliamentary debates – which were rarely about finding a concrete solution 
to one of the many problems that needed the full attention of all involved at the time.

I felt hopeless mainly because, personally, I saw there was hardly any possibility to
approach parties with ideas or observations and actually be heard
let alone get real answers. I experienced a personal low point in 2019 when
– alarmed by research results on the subject of 5G – I tried to make numerous politicians aware of the various dangers of this technology. 
What I got back at the time were ready-made reassuring responses that were barely distinguishable in wording from party to party and that did not
specifically address my questions on any point. In addition, I had already guessed
some of the answers and provided them with the current correct numbers
and information in my letters, which did not match the answers
I got back from the parties at all.

When I observed what little influence committed initiatives for the protection of people
or nature actually have in practical terms, this also aroused a feeling of powerlessness 
within me, spiced with the dull feeling
that our laws, taxes, regulations and bureaucratic confusions are so complex
that they cannot be understood by a “normal person”. So, in turn most people would
rather obey and pay than try to shed light on this fog of political hierarchy
and administration.

To cut a long story short, I see the following issues that should be addressed immediately:
The power is in the wrong hands and needs to be returned to where
it should be in the first instance: with us humans.
Time, energy and zest for life is lost in inter-party conflicts
AGAINST the other party, which could really be better invested in solving a problem 
FOR the common good. Therefore, there should be no parties.

We urgently need transparency
in order to reawaken people’s sense of personal responsibility and joy in directly helping to shape their lives: easy to understand laws / precepts,
clear and simple structures, transparency about political movements
and elimination of lobbying.
We humans need the opportunity to personally and actively get involved
in political events at any time.


A new form of  stewardship is emerging,
inspired by the intelligence of nature, biomimicry
and in resonance with the
universal principles of nature

The principles of nature
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1. The principle of MENTALISM
This first Hermetic principle states that everything is spirit.
The origin of all matter and all manifestations of life is therefore in spirit,
in pure energy, matter is spirit made visible. We shape our reality with our thoughts and feelings. Every thought is therefore a process of creation,
it “in-forms”, i.e. it brings into form. For you, this means quite practically that you can recognise physical reality as a mirror of your inner mental state.
By doing this, you will experience yourself as the creator of your reality
and can begin to take responsibility.
You will no longer react to something seemingly independent of you,
but will know that everything you encounter has to do with you in its origin.

“The universe is spirit, the universe is spiritual.”

2. The principle of VIBRATION
Everything in our universe is in constant motion, in vibration.
Even seemingly solid things are in truth not solid, but in constant vibration
on a subatomic level – quantum physics speaks of “moving vibrating strings”.
The pure spirit, pure love has the highest of all vibrational frequencies
– it is said that its vibrational state is so high that it practically equals
that of rest, just as a rapidly turning wheel also appears motionless.
At the other end of the scale are the gross forms of matter whose vibration
is so slow that it appears to be at rest.
Between these poles there are innumerable different degrees of vibration.
In your body, too, every atom, every cell, every organ has a specific
frequency of vibration. Every thought you have, every emotion
you feel and every action you perform has a vibrational frequency
that has a strong influence on you and your life.
Since love has the highest of all vibrational frequencies,
the easiest way to raise your vibrational frequency
is to practice loving yourself and everything that is in this moment.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”
The Kybalion

3. The principle of RESONANCE
This principle is often referred to as the “Law of Attraction”.
It states that everything that has a similar vibrational frequency
or “wavelength” is attracted to each other.
There is nothing in our lives that has nothing to do with us.
Everything we experience, everything we encounter, we have called into our lives.
For like a radio station, we send the “vibrational information” of our thoughts
and feelings into the universe at every moment of our lives,
thereby drawing into our lives what is in “tune” with our vibrational frequency.
When you understand this, you will take full responsibility for your life
and become a conscious creator of your reality.
So if you want to change your outer world,
the first thing to do is to change your inner world.

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”
The Kybalion

4. The principle of POLARITY
This principle describes the duality of all things.
Everything in the world of phenomena has two poles. No pole can exist
without its opposite. All apparent opposites are only the extremes of one
and the same thing. For example, “heat” and “cold” are simply two subjective
sensations of “temperature”. One cannot say that heat ends here
and cold begins there. The two merge into each other.
The apparent opposites touch each other.
Polarity can show us many things: You can only experience the light
if you know the darkness.
One’s own opinions – views and standpoints are never absolute
and always contain the opposite within them. By changing your point of view,
something that was previously considered negative can now appear as something positive. Everything is relative. It is our thinking that decides
what we evaluate and how. We can change our evaluation at any moment.
Everything is twofold; everything has two poles; equal and unequal are the same;

“All truths are only half truths; all contradictions can be reconciled.”
The Kybalion

5 The principle of RHTYHM
Everything in the world of phenomena is subject to change,
a constant rhythmic change from one pole to the other pole.
“The only constant in the universe is change”, wrote Heraclitus.
We breathe in – we breathe out. Life comes into being and life passes away.
Cultures appear – cultures pass away. Mother Earth shows us this principle
every day from morning to evening and again in the morning and evening,
she shows it to us in the course of the in the rhythm of the seasons,
in ebb and flow, in every birth and in every death.
This principle can teach us to pay attention to the right time
for an undertaking. At the same time, we can learn to find our centre
in all the “ups” and “downs” of our lives and become conscious
observers of this cosmic dance instead of seeing ourselves
as victims of ever-changing circumstances.

“Everything flows; out and in; everything has its tides;
everything rises and falls,
the swing of the pendulum expresses itself in everything;
the swing of the pendulum to the right
is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm balances.”
The Kybalion

6 The Principle of CAUSE AND EFFECT.
Every effect has a cause which produced it. An action is followed by a re-action. Nothing happens by chance. To call something “accidental” is simply to say
that you do not know the cause that brought about that event.
For everything you experience, you yourself have set
the corresponding cause. This is what other cultures like to call “karma”.
For me, karma means that we gain knowledge through the event
we have caused and learn to see things from a different perspective.
By becoming aware of the hermetic law of cause and effect,
you develop a heightened awareness of the things you send
out into the world. You now encounter your thoughts, feelings,
words and deeds more consciously. Experiencing and perceiving
the effects in your life also becomes clearer.
You realise that everything serves you well and promotes your development.
When you have become aware of this principle, from now on
you will pay attention to setting the causes through your words,
feelings and actions that will bring about the effects you desire in your future

“Every cause has its effect, every effect its cause,
everything happens according to law, coincidence
is only the name for an unknown law.
There are many levels of causation, but nothing escapes the law.”
The Kybalion

7. the principle of GENDER
The principle of gender states that everything has masculine and feminine
qualities in it. Yin and Yang. This is not only about human beings,
but about all being from living beings to things and into the spiritual realm.
The male principle is: the idea, the will, the active, the giving, the directional.
The female principle is: the accepting, the receiving, the executing, the passive.
In order to create, male and female parts must always come together.

“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine
and its feminine principle;
Gender reveals itself on all levels.”
The Kybalion

5a.) In order to avoid lobbying in politics, a new, transparent form of administration is needed

An administration in which a party system is obsolete.

Positions are held by people who have proven in the past that they are not only highly competent and responsible, but also capable of thinking beyond their actual area of ​​expertise while having demonstrated that they are lovingly concerned about the well-being and health of all life.
Each elected representative serves the will of the people. There is no special financial incentive to become a representative of the people.
A working group ensures that there can be no abuse of power.

There is transparency for all about every action relevant to all people that is carried out by the elected or selected representatives.

Every representative of the people takes personal responsibility for their actions. This prevents laws being passed which only benefit the economy, but harm the basis of life, plants, animals or people.
At the same time, every representative of the people who has this great responsibility is supported by “Councils of Wise Ones”.

There is a “Council of Wise Ones” for every important topic

The “Councils of Wise Ones” are composed of committed and competent women and men for whom the well-being of all life is the basis of their thoughts and actions. These people remain and live up to their responsibility, even “when the house is on fire”.
Its members represent the diversity of the community. People of all ages and life experiences, thinkers and practitioners who are able to address the challenges and solutions of each population group.

They are formed around relevant topics such as agriculture, energy, health, transport, development of potential, peace, etc.

The Constitution of the New Earth

The first task of each “Council of Wise Ones” is to write the proposal for a constitution that is based on the universal principles of nature and equally respects people and nature. The people of the country vote on this constitution.

The “New Earth Manifesto” may serve as the basis for this new constitution.

Everyone can actively shape their region, their country and the New Earth

All regions of the Earth are healthy and full of beauty.
No one has to leave their home anymore because of war,
pollution, poverty, slavery or for economic reasons.
Our vision is that one day there will be no more borders,
because we understand that planet Earth cares for all of us
and we are all part of the human family.

Every resident of a country is invited to contribute their constructive ideas and express their wishes on all important issues. We are moving from a democracy of delegation to an active system of cooperation and engagement. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to find out via a digital platform what the “Councils of Wise Ones” are currently engaged in and has the ability to contribute constructively and actively.

The administration of villages, regions and country is structured simply, clearly and efficiently

Already at the local level there is a “Council of Wise Ones” for every relevant topic in life.
These “Councils of Wise Ones” are in close communication with the population and with the “Councils of Wise Ones” in the large regions.

The “Councils of Wise Ones” in the large regions are in close communication with the “Councils of Wise Ones” of the country.

A participatory culture of decision making

For this purpose, existing models of decision making such as sociocracy, holacracy and Yamagishi Kai, Dragon Dreaming oder Viable System Model (VSM) are being tested in practice and developed further.
Both in the decision making process and in the practical implementation of the decision, the guiding principle is always applied:

Each of our actions and every law is always
oriented toward the good of all life
– in respect, compassion and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity.

In Love – Truth – Freedom – Equality – Fraternity – Peace

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